Stair Gallery {Home Inspiration}

If you are a regular follower of Black Velvet Chair you have probably realised that our abode is spread over three levels, Real Estate people would probably call it a “Townhouse style apartment”.  The stairwell was left blank for many years, until it received a spruce up January 2011 & the short residency of Basil The Gazelle (until he decided he preferred the Guest Bedroom).

Over the past year I have been collecting White and Mirrored frames and pairing them with Black and White photographs. Whilst this area is still a work in progress I am loving how this part of the house is progressing. For the first frame instalment I laid out the frames on a bed before putting them up, but since then I have been adding to it one by one (Just making sure they are level).

The Floating glass frame (above right) was a thrifted find, it was dark timber when I purchased it, I laboriously applied many layers of white paint.  


The inspiration:

Suzie: S. RUSSELL GROVES  Black & white stair photo gallery, white tapered pendant light and ...

Suzie: Eric Cohler Design - Graphic patterned stair runner and awesome photo gallery! gray ...

Suzie: Sherrill Canet  grand luxurious entry foyer design with curved staircase, white & black ...

Suzie: via COTE DE TEXAS  Gorgeous entry staircase with art gallery in black gallery frames.

Suzie: Donna Griffith Photography  Great black & white photo gallery!


Social Saturday - Vacation & SNAP!

This is going to be a very picture heavy post because I feel like I have done SO much in the last week! 

I have lots of fun highlights to share from my vacation that preceded the SNAP! conference
And, of course, some fun pics from SNAP! to share as well! 

If you follow me on Facebook you know I've been showing off photos all week! 

We flew in to Denver and drove across the state to Grand Junction. Crazy? Hardly! 
It was a gorgeous drive, and we seriously enjoyed it. 

We stayed at the most amazing B&B called Los Altos Bed & Breakfast that just had the best views ever and was right next to the Colorado National Monument. Our host, Lee, was fantastic and full of helpful information for our travels. The breakfast was pretty awesome, too. 

Last Sunday we explored the Colorado National Monument which was just phenomenal. 

We drove to Moab, Utah after exploring the Monument and decided to take the tour through Arches National Park. We fought wind and rain, but ultimately had a great drive through and saw some cuh-razy rock formations.

The next day we rode horses at our lodge (photo on Facebook) then decided to explore Dead Horse State Park. I haven't ridden a horse in at least 15 years and forgot how sore you can get doing that! Top the day off with a 4 hour hike and I was done for.

We decided to spent the next day in the car on some scenic byways. Needless to say I barely left the vehicle from sore legs. The above photo shows you the craziest switchback (gravel!) rode we ended up on. Crazy!

I was slightly obsessed with our meals while we were on the rose. The hubs has taught me to steer clear of the chain restaurants and search out the local faves. These were some of the BEST meals we had in our travels!

1. The reuben special at Two Brothers Deli in Utah Springs, CO. 
This thing was good. We were sure it would be all downhill from here!

2. The sweet potato agnolotti pasta at 626 on Rood in Grand Junction, CO. 
It may not look like much but the sweet potato stuffed pasta mixed with the basil-walnut cream sauce was to DIE for!

3. The pan seared trout from Red Cliffs Lodge restaurant (also where we stayed) in Moab, UT.

4. The BLT from the Moab Diner in Moab, UT.
It doesn't look like much, but after a day walking and hiking it was delicious!
We went back again for breakfast another day.

Finally at SNAP! on Thursday!

Fab prizes for the conference attendees.

Tauni, our hostess, and all of the fab bloggers who helped make SNAP! happen!

The Queen Bee Market: a handmade market. Seriously amazing!

SNAP! attendees also received a free pass to the Tulip Festival going on at Thanksgiving Point right now. It was stunning. Seriously, I have no other words to describe it! 

The vacation was a great break from reality. I miss my boys though! I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

The conference has been absolutely amazing. Its my first blogger conference, and I would definitely come to any future SNAP! conferences. The people, the connections, the experience are just not to be matched with anything else. Its been so fun to match faces with blogs and get to know personalities. 

Back to reality tomorrow? :)