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Signed the lease and GOT THE KEYS!

I keep wanting to say, "It didn't feel like it was really happening until..."

This is another one of those times.

Bare with me, I see a pattern here, and I think it's going to keep happening.

Today we met with Ann (Landlady extraordinaire) to go over all the nitty gritties of the Lease Contract, sign our lives away, and finally get the keys to the future location of 'Read, Write & Brew'.

I held back. I really wanted to take photo's of signing the contract, but didn't want to look too amateurish and unprofessional in front of Ann (although at the same time I knew she wouldn't care).

I couldn't hold out any longer. Jefferson honey, show me those keys!

Takin' down those 'For Lease' signs.
Ann couldn't wait to get 'em down herself.
Yep, the keys work!
One day this will be many people's favorite nook in the bookstore. Comfy chair, convenient end table to rest a hot coffee on, surrounded by books, and man, what-a-view!
Now we just have to wait for the financing to be an actual thing, not a 'looking good' thing, and THEN I'm sure it's REALLY going to feel like it's really actually happening...