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Big News!

Howdy Folks! Thanks for checking in on our progress.
Julie's very good friend Connie stopped in to help us out yesterday. Her and Julie got the bathrooms painted, and they are now pretty much ready go, tho we still need to get doors on them.

The last few outstanding plumbing jobs should be completed next week, and our counters should be finished by the end of next week as well. We need a few more days to do the floors, and after that we can start setting up shop and getting ready to open! We have a lot of stuff to move in and set up, as well as get supplies from our Vendors, but that should go smoothly as well.
In light of all the progress being made, and how close things are to completion, we are going to go ahead and set September 15th as our tentative opening date.
Can you believe it? It seems like it has been ages since we began this endeavour, and its about to come to fruition.
Please stop in and see us on the 15th!
Read, Write & Brew
720 Golden Ridge Rd, Unit D
Beautiful Golden, CO
We are on the SE corner of Heritage and 6th Ave, behind the Mutual of Omaha bank.

Aug 23 update

Lots more happening in the last few days.

First of all, I wanted to say Thanks to Anna, a fellow neighbor in Golden--Anna dropped off a ton of books to us the other day, which we can certainly use. Thank You Anna! Make sure to stop in when we open so I can buy you a coffee.

Bathrooms are tiled, and floor cove is in. Just waiting on the sinks and toilets:

The electricians were in on Friday and wired our counters for outlets and data....

......and got the lights up and running! Now we can finally stay late at night to continue setting up, instead of having to give up every night when the sun goes down.

Hopefully the plumbing (sinks, hot water, toilets, etc..) get put in early next week. Once that is done we can move on to acid-staining the floors, which is the last "construction" item on our list before we can start setting up appliances, furniture, decorations, etc.

Tuesday 8/11 update

Howdy Folks! Its Tuesday morning, and the lights and vents are almost done being installed--we should have them, and all electrical outlets as well, working by the end of the week. Tiling is taking FOREVER (but not bad considering neither Julie nor I have ever done any tiling before and had to learn on the fly), but all that is left now is the bathroom and the breakroom, which are only about 50 sq ft each, so we should wrap those up tomorrow or so.
Plumbing and final counter-top buildout should occur next week, and I am told that we could have C.O. in as little as 2 weeks. WOW!
We are currently looking for any bookshelves that any of you out there may have that you could part with. We have close to 35,000 used books and nowhere near enough shelf space for all of them. If you have any bookshelves, no matter what size or condition, please let us know if you could do to be rid of them, and we would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Seriously--WE NEED BOOKSHELVES! Please let us know if you can donate one or more.
Well, hopefully we will be seeing you and serving up a delicious cup of coffee in a couple weeks.

Thursday Aug 6th update

Well, after three 14-hour days in a row at the store, much more progress.
Tile is down in the front counter area and back office area, and we are half-way done with the grouting.

Andy hard at work on the counters. Looks like he might be measuring, or maybe just posing for the camera.

Julie spent all day yesterday painting, along with some help from our friend Denise who not only helped paint, but brought us lunch from D'Deli. Thanks Denise!!
There is Joel the ceiling-guy installing our ceilings today.

Counters starting to take shape in their final locations.
We are so exhausted, but it has been a lot of progress. Might try and get at least a few hours off tomorrow to walk the dogs and play a little disc golf.

More progress

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in to see the progress on our new store!
It has been a busy last few days--we have been laying tile, painting, and starting to build our countertops.

Jefferson screwing around after a long day of tiling the behind-the-counter area.

Andy hard at work on the frame of part of the counter--the part that the espresso machine will be working its magic on.

Julie and Chase painted several hundred square feet of wall space.

The counter area starting to take shape.
It should only be a few more weeks folks, things are moving rapidly now.
With all of the exciting work going on these days, there is something we would like to request from one of you out there, we just don't know who you are yet: We are trying to find a local Golden artist who would be interested in painting a mural in our store with the theme "Golden". Artistic freedom is yours. We can't pay you, but you will have a great place for some exposure--every single person that comes in to the store for a coffee or book will get a chance to admire your artwork! If you know anyone out there with a creative streak, please have them contact us.
Please, local artists only--we really want to promote some of the great talent here in Golden.
We will be in and out of the store all week, if you are in the area please stop by and say hi.
It won't be long now!