Big News!

Howdy Folks! Thanks for checking in on our progress.
Julie's very good friend Connie stopped in to help us out yesterday. Her and Julie got the bathrooms painted, and they are now pretty much ready go, tho we still need to get doors on them.

The last few outstanding plumbing jobs should be completed next week, and our counters should be finished by the end of next week as well. We need a few more days to do the floors, and after that we can start setting up shop and getting ready to open! We have a lot of stuff to move in and set up, as well as get supplies from our Vendors, but that should go smoothly as well.
In light of all the progress being made, and how close things are to completion, we are going to go ahead and set September 15th as our tentative opening date.
Can you believe it? It seems like it has been ages since we began this endeavour, and its about to come to fruition.
Please stop in and see us on the 15th!
Read, Write & Brew
720 Golden Ridge Rd, Unit D
Beautiful Golden, CO
We are on the SE corner of Heritage and 6th Ave, behind the Mutual of Omaha bank.