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Bring your kids in, for trick-or-treatin'

As if you didn't already know, Halloween is this Saturday!
As you plan your 'trick or treat' rout, make sure you schedule in a stop
at Read, Write & Brew.
There'll be lots of activities for the kids, all taking place between 3pm and 6pm, including...

Halloween Reading Time!
All kids in attendance during one of our reading times will get a special 'buy one get one' coupon to spend at the store the next time they visit.

Costume Competition!
We'll have candy for all kids that visit us in costume. AND (with mom or dad's OK) they'll get their in-costume photo featured on this blog site. You can send the link to all your friends and family, and your little monster can have their little 15minutes of fame! Also, the best costume of the day will win a $5 store coupon to spend on kids books in-store* (hint, hint.. if you really want to win, your best chance is to wear a home made costume).

You won't want to miss the shenanigans that'll be going on across the car park at the Taekwondo studio. There'll be lots of activities going on there, including a Trunk-or-Treat event where parents will be decorating the trunks of their cars for kids to peek into (and get even more candy from).

Coloring Competition!

All completed entries will be displayed in the store, with the winning entry receiving a $5 store coupon to spend on kids books in-store.*

So come to Read, Write & Brew on Halloween, and have a scream of a time!

*Winners will be announced on-line and will have their costume photo/coloring page featured on the blog site from November 1st.

Tiz the season, for scary readin'

Halloween is our all-time favorite time of year... well, it's a close contender with Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love the excuse of cooking, eating as much as you want, and watching football all day, with no one to tell you that you should be doing any different.

Anyway, back to Halloween!

So weird. Get this, right... yesterday morning, we go to open the shop, and find that all these huge spiders came in (must have been after we locked up the night before), and just made spider web mess all over the place.

And if that wasn't enough, these skeletons just waltzed on in, must've thought we make a pretty cool hang out, and decided to just stick around and make themselves at home.

If these skeletons belong to anyone's closet, can you please come claim them back. They're taking up valuable sitting space for our alive customers, like Wayde and Chris, who stopped by to surf the web for a while...

I'm sure Monty and friend didn't appreciate being stared at as they drank their coffee and browsed some books.

We've got some events planned especially for the little 'uns on Halloween, so check back for details - either here or on our website,

Katie's Coaching Circle

Katie Smith will be hosting a new monthly meet up group at Read, Write and Brew starting Tuesday November 3rd at 7.30pm (yes, we'll be open an extra hour for anyone wanting to also shop our store on these nights).

This will be the first in a series of gatherings Katie will be leading on various topics related to living a more relaxed life and one focused on creating what you REALLY want.

The evening will consist of a short discussion on a particular topic and then mini coaching sessions for individuals interested in moving forward in their lives.

If you're interested in creating the future you desire, this group is for you. Maybe it's a project you've had on the back burner, or wanting to learn to live from a place of joy and acceptance vs. struggle and stress, or maybe you're in the midst of a career change. If so, this is the group that can help create positive movement forward in your life.

When: Tuesday, November 3rd
Cost: $1
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

To register for this event go to (The Coaching Corner), or

Who is Katie Smith?
Katie is a local Golden resident, who is a member of the International Coach Federation.

"For over 15 years, I have consulted and facilitated the growth of executive teams. Consulting with industry leaders and professionals seeking Director to C-level roles in privately held organizations.

My hands-on approach is direct, open and thought-provoking; I build relationships built on accountability and trust.

As a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of Coach University, additionally, I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years. I use these tools, as appropriate, with my clients to manage stress and live a more balanced happy life."

To find out more about Katie, go to

Free tickets to Rusted Root at the Fox Theater tonight!

Free tix to Rusted Root at the Fox Theater tonight!
We have 2 free tickets to see Rusted Root at the Fox in Boulder tonight for the first person to come in the store and ask for them. Rusted Root is a GREAT band to see live, and free is even greater. Come and get them!

Click here to watch the video for Send Me On My Way (awesome song!)

Come meet Marcia Claxton, Tuesday October 20th

Marcia Claxton who is running for Golden City Council Ward 1 will be at Read, Write & Brew this Tuesday for a meet and greet.
We'll be staying open an extra hour, so come on down between the hours of 5.30pm and 7pm.
To find out more about Marcia and where she stands on the issues facing Golden right now, visit

Wow, what a day! Thanks everyone!!

What a surprise! We planned on a very quiet opening since there are still so many loose ends we feel we need to tie together before we can consider having a 'Grand Opening', and didn't expect AT ALL the turn out we got today. Seeing as the only form of advertising we put out there was our Blog and Web site, and the fancy shoe polish writing on the windows for any passer bye's... whoah! We did NOT expect so many people to stop by to say hi, and give us a word of encouragement, and tell us how much they have been looking forward to our opening. We want to say a special thank you to all of you who stopped in today. Your kind words were really appreciated. It was also so much fun chatting to you all, and getting to know you a little.

We hope you enjoyed the free coffee today. Your feedback was extremely valuable. Now we really feel like we get a sense of what you guys are looking for in a great cup o' brew from us. We aim to keep serving up quality drinks for you to enjoy as you relax in our home away from home, and watch it transform over the next few months.

Read, Write and Brew is now officially open for business. Thank you for giving us such a warm welcome to the neighborhood today. We hope in return that we can provide you with a warm and cozy place to hang out in the years to come.


It's official.
It's final.
No more delays (finally).
We're opening this Friday!!!!!

The final 'vision' for our store is still a ways off, as we still need many bookshelves to be able to stock our supply of books on, and we still have a few additions to the counter area to take care of... so we're still a work in progress, but hey, at least we'll be OPEN! You'll still be able to come in and enjoy our cafe items, purchase books, and surf the net for free. You'll be able to watch us grow and realize our final vision for the store everytime you come in, because there'll always be something new, different or upgraded as the months progress.

Hope you're as excited as we are.

See ya Friday!

Desperately Seeking Bookshelves!

We're hoping to open Read, Write & Brew on Tuesday. All we're waiting on before we can do so is our Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Golden.

That being said, we're DESPERATELY seeking bookshelves. Any size, any style, as long as they're wood, or wooden-loo...king (no metal ones). We have about 25x more books than we do shelf space to put them on.

So, if you have a dusty old unused bookshelf in your basement, or if you're driving down the street and see a free one by the side of the curb, we can use it. PLEASE let us know if you can help us out! You KNOW there is free coffee in it for you! With the recent snow, a pumpkin spice latte sure would taste delish now wouldn't it?

Give us a call or just pop your head in if you see us fiddling around in the store, and we can work out all the details with you.

Home Decor Tips

We chatted with interior designer Mark Langos, of, about the beautiful home he designed that we featured in our May issue. Here, he continues his thoughts about interior design and what makes for a great living space

Home Decor: Home Interior

Home interior decorating can be quite a daunting prospect. There are a great many details to be taken into consideration, and innumerable possible interior decorating ideas that you can come up with. Just knowing where to start is a major issue. You can, of course, just call in a professional Interior Decorator and save yourself all the bother, but then you will miss out on the fun part of doing up your home yourself, of imprinting your home with your own personality. Because, of course, your home interior design should reflect your personality; without that personal touch even the most perfect arrangement in the world would fall short. . It is also important, when going for home decoration, to give a lot of thought to comfort, functionality, safety, and ambiance. You need to develop an overall plan before you get started

Home Decor

Garden Bouquet and Design is expanding all across the board! We are dedicated to providing our customers and clients with a large selection of gifts and home décor products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible, as well as a number of regional artists’ handcrafted items. We are proud to present to the community innovative product lines that promote “Green” living and local art of our region

Oriental Home Decor Ideas

The design world is rediscovering Asia and its ageless, classic design styles. Discover for yourself the beauty of combining Chinese furniture, art, and home decor accessories into your contemporary, traditional, or eclectic home and office design

home décor

Used and old pots and pans are normally thrown away. However, Paris based designer Gilles Eichenbaum, looks those used pots and pans in a different way. He recycled those items and turn it into a useful and unique home décor products. With this idea of recycling, I am sure nobody would want to throw their used pot and pans anymore. In this way, people will not only save from their home décor expenses but also they have saved our Mother Nature from possible harm caused by mountains of landfills. If you want to do a share why not try patronizing the work of Gilles Eichenbaum or make your own home décor of recycled materials

Interior Decoration of Home

Interior Decoration of Home Decor is the art of decorating a room in order to make it great to look at and easy to use with the existing frame of the room. The goal of the successful interior design is to give the home owner a look for the room that reflects their personality. Interior decoration uses things like paintings, paint, wall paper, light fixtures, floor plans, curtains and carpets. They base the whole design on the room itself.

Most interior decorated rooms are based on themes. Some people like Louis XV, some like the Victorian era and then there are those that like the art deco designs. Each style depends on what the home owner likes. When you hire an interior decorator, some of them charge per room. So if you are looking for multiple room, some may give you a break on the price so before you decide on one person shop around. Every interior decorator has different idea and you may find you like one designer better than the other

Home Decors

Room Décor is not as easy as it seems at the first sight. You may fancy that glamorous room in the home décor magazine but you may find it almost impossible to translate into a reality because of the simple reason that the construction of your home and measurement of your rooms is entirely different.

Home Decors

Room Décor is not as easy as it seems at the first sight. You may fancy that glamorous room in the home décor magazine but you may find it almost impossible to translate into a reality because of the simple reason that the construction of your home and measurement of your rooms is entirely different. You may be renting an apartment where you cannot redo the positioning of walls, doors and windows or have a large large hall you do not seem to put to best use. Color, lines and furniture arrangement can make a huge difference to your room décor. We have identified the five most common problems that people often face while doing room décor and have come up with the possible solutions

Home Decor Tips from Mark

We chatted with interior designer Mark Langos, of, about the beautiful home he designed that we featured in our May issue. Here, he continues his thoughts about interior design and what makes for a great living space.

We're nearly there folks!

Thanks for checking in on us!

We've been flat out working on getting the store ready for the final inspections that need to be passed by the City of Golden before we officially have the permission to open and start selling coffee and books to you guys.

So the question of the day (and the question we get asked by everyone that stops by these days) is, "When are you guys opening?" Well, we had to take the countdown clock off the man web page because at this point we're so close, but can't predict the outcome of the inspections and fix ups that need to happen before we're given permission, so can't give you an actual date. BUT, we can say that we'll be open in less than a week from today!

Wanna sneak peek?

Here is the front counter so far, built for us by Turner Woodworks, (or as I like to call him, 'Andy the Handyman').

All is complete except for the food display case, which is currently being worked on and custom built for us. It'll be installed as soon as it's done, but the installation of it isn't holding up our opening date.

Our final inspection is tomorrow, so we're just making sure all the little odd jobs get done so that we can get the all clear for opening. By little odd jobs, I mean like mixing little bits of tiling grout in Pepsi cups for the last couple of tiles that need to be put in place that couldn't be done before the counters were put in.

I had to include that pic. I've never seen anyone mix grout in a Pepsi cup before, and thought it looked quite hilarious at the time. But if it's all you need, it's all you need, right? Waste not want not.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us please! If we get the all clear from the building inspector tomorrow, we'll be able to give you a opening date. We'll just need a few days to move all our stuff in, get everything set up and working, and make it look nice and purdy for ya'll.