Smarter home décor,

The kind of decor people use in their home tells a lot about what kind of person we are, whether we want to admit it or not. Both the strong likes or dislikes of our personalities can be easily determined by paying attention to the way our homes are decorated. The more sensible side of us can be seen through the efficient way we store items in our kitchens. A person who frequently has hard days at work will likely choose to pick their lounge colors in more neutral shades.

In terms of a bedroom, if you decorate the place in wild reds and luxurious satin, this is a good indication of another type of personality entirely, though perhaps not one that that everyone will see. In designing a decor for the home, it is important to separate areas that everyone will see from the private ones. Even when you are entertaining guests at a party, you will not want to allow them access to all parts of the home, and will want to keep parts of it separate and private