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Home Decoration Ideas

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Home Decoration Ideas

A good home decoration can give an entirely new look to one's home. These days, people often employ professional home decorators to give that unique look to the interiors of their homes. Let us have a look at some of the intricacies of this emerging field.

Interior decoration is the art of decorating a room so that it becomes attractive and functions well within the existing architecture of the house. Although, the terms home decor and interior designing are often used interchangeably, they in fact show a distinct difference in their scopes. Home decor typically focuses on the appropriate selection and presentation of the house's interior items like furniture, accessories and room layout. On the other hand, interior designing involves the manipulation of the architectural integrity of the interior space of a house.
The first professional interior decorators were probably employed in Western Europe during 1720s. William Kent is often cited as the first person who took charge of the interior decoration of an entire building. In London, the work of home decorators was earlier done by the upholsterers while the same job was done by merchand-mercier or "Merchant of Goods" in Paris during early nineteenth century.
Syrie Maugham, Dorothy Draper and Sybil Colefax are among the prominent eighteenth century interior home decorators. The two prominent London based modern interior home decorators are Lenygon and Morant. The present day home decor themes do not belong to a specific period or style. The job of interior designers have become more specialised over a period of time. The modern interior designers choose floor plans, light fixtures and wall paintings for the houses.
The goal of home decor is to provide a certain "feel" to the home. These days, many people take the services of professionally certified interior decorators (C.I.D.) to give a all new look and feel to their homes. The home decoration has become a popular television subject in the UK. Changing Rooms (BBC) and Selling Houses (Channel 4) are the two most popular home decoration programs that have widely been appreciated by the Britishers.