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Home Decorating Magazines - a Useful Resource for Home Decorating

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Magazine

Is your house in need of improvements? Do you need ideas for redecorating your home? Do you need inspiration for decorating your home? Not to worry, help is already here. One great source of home decorating ideas and inspiration is home decorating magazines. These publications provide a look into the world of home decorating and offer suggestions and tips to help you decorate your home. Home decorating magazines provide pictures of homes and rooms that were remodelled which may inspire you to recreate that space in your very own home.

There are many home decorating magazines available. Most of these magazines not only provide pictures and ideas but also offers the customer an opportunity to buy directly from them items you like in their magazine. Many magazines are advertised on the Internet. With websites displaying their ideas and pictures, you can browse these sites in your search for a decorating style. These online magazines will likely offer you a chance to buy directly from them via the Internet.

Home decorating magazines are constantly in circulation. Some of the popular home decorating magazines are:

* Traditional Home – This magazine has its main focus on traditional décor and historical homes. Articles are written that allow you to visit historic places, gathering ideas and tips for decorating a traditional home. This home decorating magazine offers information on furniture, window treatments and colour schemes.
Home Decoration Magazine
* Country Living – This magazine is published on a monthly basis and offers ideas about country décor, crafts, and antiques. It also provides tips for traditional cooking. This home decorating magazine provides details regarding furniture, window treatments, fireplaces and historic colours.

* Elle Décor – This home decorating magazine is published semi-monthly. It is a magazine dedicated to modern design with a French influence. Focus is on luxury living, furniture style and planning your room, this magazine intends to offer the average homeowner ideas and tips to achieve this terrific style for their homes.

* Better Homes & Gardens – This popular magazine provides the reader with information about various subjects relating to the homeowner and their family. This information includes ideas for home décor as well as garden decorating. Better Homes & Gardens also publishes a seasonal magazine which focuses on décor with a lot of information regarding specific projects.

Home Decoration Magazine* Metropolitan Home – Published six times a year, this home decorating magazine provides details about renovating and designing modern urban homes. This magazine focuses on contemporary design and current trends. It offers the reader information regarding transforming a traditional home or space into a modern, contemporary environment.

These home decorating magazines are great sources of inspiration if you are having difficulty coming up with ideas and techniques for your home. Providing detailed information and vivid photos, these home decorating magazines offer you instructions and often step-by-step directions to achieve the desired look. Each of these magazines also offers you, the customer an opportunity to buy directly from them. This can make your job so much easier if you see a room or space in the magazine that you like. Buying directly from them, you have a chance to recreate that beautiful space in your home.

Home Decoration Secrets

We always want our homes to be perfect. That is understandable since our home is our abode, our personal sanctuary, the place we look forward to go to after a whole day of stressful work. This is why, one of the most important things a homeowner has to do is to decorate his or her home in such a way that it will be a nice and relaxing escape. This article reveals top 10 home decoration secrets that you surely would want to know.

Home Decoration1. Visualizing is the key

Do not simply make an exact replica of the living room you found on the home interior magazine. Visualize on your own how you want your home to look like, how you want home decors like your wall plaques and paintings to be hung on the wall. Visualization of each room will make it easier for you to do your planning and decoration.

2. Start with a focal point

Any veteran interior designer knows how important it is to start with a focal point in any room so that other home décor items will flow easily around it. It is always a great idea to select an item that gives a big impact like the fireplace, a piano or a sofa.

3. Colors have psychological effect

Colors are important design elements not only because it determines the ambience and feel of the room, and gives the illusion of space but also because they have psychological effects on people.

For example, blue, which is the least appetizing color is not a good shade to paint in your dining area or kitchen. Meanwhile, light and pastel colors, which can relax the mind, are a good idea for the living room. Make sure that the colors you choose complement well with each other.

4. A theme makes it easier to achieve unity and harmony

A décor theme not only makes home decoration a lot easier but is also important because it reflects the homeowner’s personal taste and style. Your theme can be classic, modern, nautical, tropical, European, Asian or whatever you can think of.

Buy furniture and home accessories that match the theme that you have chosen. For example, if the theme of your home is contemporary, modern metal wall plaques would be a great addition while if you have a coastal theme, you might as well go for nautical wall art.
Home Decoration
5. Clutter can ruin even the nicest home decoration

Get rid of everything that you do not need or hardly ever use and neatly store them in the storage room. Even if you have the most expensive or most gorgeous home decor, all these are useless if your room is filled with clutter.

6. Lighting is just as important as furniture

Lighting is important because of two things. First, it illuminates the room and allows people to do the things they need to do. Second, it creates an ambience and feel of the room. Because of this, you need to choose the proper kind of lighting, which will make you achieve both objectives. LampHome Decoration and fluorescent are great for general and task lighting while candles and smaller lamps are ideal for accent lighting.

7. Strive to achieve a balance between form and function

Form is just as important as function and because of that, it is necessary to achieve a balance between the two when buying furniture or decorating your home. To put it simply, you must be able to decorate your home in such a way that it will be both practical and beautiful.

We all know that home decoration is not as easy as we want it to be. However, it is also true that we do not need a doctorate degree on interior decoration to get the job done right. With a dash of creativity, resourcefulness and patience, we can have a home that looks like one of those featured in interior designing magazines.

Retro Home Decor | Home Decoration Ideas

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
A blast from the past, retro home decor is all about reinventing the legendary era. Create the magic of the 60's and 70's within your home to rock 'n' roll.
Retro Home Decor
The lady of the house, always dreams of transforming the house into a home - a home filled with love. A home full of care. A home that resonates warmth. A home that speaks of art and culture. Retro home decor style will resurface the lost treasures of the past and the golden hues you had always wanted to cherish. Here is your chance to play with colors and home furnishings to reinvent the bygone era of rock and roll, vintage and wine and fond memories and delirious moments. Retro home decor is not determined by any specific time period. On the other hand, retro home decor is your interpretation of the retro. Through the following article, let me present to you my account of retro home decor and the way I would have done it up.

Live At Retro
The retro, brings to mind the Beatles, Bee Gees and the bygones. The rock 'n' roll is an inevitable thought, when it comes to retro. Create a retro scene in your living room. Bring out the rolled up posters and get them framed. Let them adorn your walls, with the background of gray. On one of the side tables, get an old gramophone and play the old records, that you've preserved for so long. Keep the furniture as simple and minimalistic as possible. Preferably, go in for simple wooden furniture that will suit your retro home decor. Retro home decor lighting should be yellow and as mellow as possible. Have dark wall mounted shades for your lights to get the effect and finish your retro home decor.

Dine At Retro
In retrospect, the bistros in the retro times were cozy hangouts. Turn your dining area in a retro bistro, which will have a lot of wooden furniture. To begin with the retro home decor in your dining room, place the dining table, right in the center of the room with a light hanging from above. Obviously, you need to have wooden chairs for your table. Let your kitchen cabinets be rustic in style, the classic wood work will go with your dine at retro decor.

Retro Nights
No, I don't mean, party all night. This part of the article, will focus on your bedroom decor. Fuzzy duvets and a simple bed is all that you'll need to make your bedroom look the retro style. Teal is the best retro color for your room, again with the white upholstery and linen. Have a bedside lamp, the typical old fashioned one, with a steel shade to it. If you don't want to go for interior painting, then using wallpapers is a good idea.

Element of Retro
To maintain the element of retro home decor all over your house, you can do it with big clocks, posters, furniture items, linen, wallpapers, antiques and other such items which which were in vogue back in the 60's and 70's. Once again, retro home decor can have various connotations such as vintage, a mix with contemporary and other such flavors. So have the final picture in mind, before you plunge into shopping for your home.

Decorating your house adds interest to life and gives your home a personal touch. Your home, after all, is an extension of your personality. Before you begin decorating, visualize the final picture and then go according to it. Break the monotony and experiment with ideas you've never done before. Don't mindlessly splurge on expensive antiques. Be bold with colors, shapes and schemes while experimenting with retro home decor to make your home a cozy nook.

Home Decorating Budget - How to Save Money Decorating

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration IdeasSave money decorating with a budget. A decorating budget can go a long way with these helpful home decorating tips. Learn how to decorate on a budget.
Do you feel like you can’t afford to decorate your home? Do you need a refresh on your existing décor, despite a lull in your finances? Home décor does not have to be expensive. And, creating a space that is reflective of your style is sometimes more of a psychological need than a want. If you need a home makeover, but want to stick to a budget, then consider these Top Six Tips on How to Save Money Decorating:

1. Pull from your Existing Resources - When decorating on a budget, first pull all existing pieces of home décor from the home and/or storage and put them in one central location. Then, begin to choose favorite pieces and place them in new areas throughout the home. Using existing pieces of décor in a new way can add a fresh look to your home, without a trip to the store. For example, the pillows that came with your couch may look better on the master bed. Try mixing up what you already have for a new, fresh look.

2. Keep it Simple - The motto "less is more" is true for home decorating. Multiple pieces of décor in a room will not make the room more appealing. Decorating with less will result in your home feeling more spacious and inviting. Do not clutter your home with things in an effort to decorate more. Save money by decorating with less.

3. Find a Favorite Piece from a Thrift Store or Garage Sale for your Room - Start decorating your home with a favorite piece; a picture, statue or vase, purchased second hand. Find something that you love and build your room around it, using existing décor to accentuate your new, but inexpensive addition to the room. Save money decorating by purchasing second hand.

4. Recycle - Thinking "outside the box" can help you save money while decorating. You may not need those sheets or table cloths anymore, but can you make them into curtains? Curtains do not have to come out of a package or be custom made. Get creative with what you no longer need and choose to use those items in alternate ways in your home.

5. Layer - Using existing pillows, rugs, curtains, and throws will layer your room and home, giving it a more dimensional feel. That handmade baby blanket can go a long way in dressing up the nursery. Draping a throw over a chair will add dimension and more appeal to a room. If you have a small decorating budget, consider buying some inexpensive pillows in your favorite color or pattern and add them to the couch and side chair. Don’t hide the rainy day throw in the closet. Instead, use it as a tool for home decorating to add color, texture, and dimension to your room.
Home Decoration Ideas
6. Don’t be Afraid - Take a chance with decorating your home. Quite often, the biggest obstacle to creating a space that you really love is your own inhibitions. Paint can always be repainted, items of décor can always be returned if unused, and you can put the furniture back to its original order if you do not like your new arrangement. Choose to be brave and experiment with home décor. Decorating is an art and your home is your canvas. Work with colors, textures and patterns that you like and take a chance with the extraordinary to create a space that is a true reflection of you. Creativity is a natural resource. Use your mind to save money.

You can maximize your decorating budget by being a bit creative with your current resources. Your home should be an extension of you. Matching your décor to your particular likes will help you create a space that reflects who you are. Decorating your space does not require breaking the budget. Follow these six tips and decorate your home while saving money, too.

Innovative Home Décoration With Designer Indian Saris

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Some things only get better with time and your designer Indian sari is one of them. Precious embroidery and special silk cloth can be preserved forever if you want. Why throw away the expensive saris when you can make the most out of it?

Here are innovative ways to improve your home décor by using the old sari.

Quilts to Keep You Warm

You can get custom made sari quilts. The Rajasthani quilts are also called the sari quilts. Old silk saris are used for making these quilts. The best advantage of these quilts is its dual usage. It is not only warm but also very elegant.

For variation, you may get the famous kantha stitch on the top layer. Nothing beats its elegant and royal look when subtle mirror work is done. The best things in life are custom made. Its heavier variations are given away during the wedding. If you wish to go for cotton feel then do not hesitate to give away your cotton silk saris for the same.

Cushion Covers

For the silk and brocade saris, you can make interesting cushion covers. In case of your Benarasi saris too, cushion covers are a great option to look forward to. Since the silk material is still intact, get the cushion covers custom made. You can use the material from the sari and add some motifs in it.

Mix and match is also a very good option. Usually the plain silk saris retain their sheen even after a long period. Get two different sari materials and weave it in a design pattern. Go for bright colors like green and pink, red and gold.

Innovative Curtains

Instead of buying expensive readymade curtains, get it custom made. Use your old silk and chiffon saris and get curtains made out of it. Mix and match of different fabrics would play up the room décor. It will not only add panache to the home décor but also save money.

It is advisable to get the curtains custom as it will provide a good fall and fitting. For different occasions, you can get different sets of curtains made. For instance for the regular usage, you can use your chiffon and cotton saris. Silks and embroidered saris can be used for bright curtains ideal for the festive occasions.

Those who do not have saris of their own can get their very own sari curtains from one of the best collections online.

Sari Valences

You must have seen those bright valences at the luxury hotels. You can recreate the same aura at your place with the valences made out of sari.

Custom made sari valences can be custom made and inexpensive too. You can add some laces at the edge or simply make the most of the zari saris by making sari valences for the curtains. The silk fabric will enhance the look of the curtains. You get the duo custom made keeping in mind the measurement of individual windows and doors.

Tablecloths to Impress

If you are tired of looking at your tablecloth, then get into the action. Use your handloom print saris for making a tablecloth. You can also club them with silk sari border. Prepare a design pattern out of the sari’s zari border. For a more flamboyant gorgeous look, you can get mirror work done.

So make the most of the good old sari in the times of recession.

Home Decoration: Renovate Your Bedroom With Colorful Traditional Indian Silk Curtains

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Looking for ways to redecorate your pad without burning a hole in your pocket?

Here are some tried and tested ways to enhance your old bedroom into a ravishing one. Try them out and renovate your bedroom like a king’s bedroom.

Paint Them Bright

Light shades of color may look elegant but sometimes, we need the brightest colors to boost our mood. Paint your bedroom in bright colors like yellow, pink and even red.

You may also paint and highlight one wall of the room depending upon the design of the room. Ensure that you do not end up spending a bomb on the painting. Keep your priorities clear and work accordingly.

There are a variety of paints available in the market. Certain varieties have dual shades like orange and gold. This kind of dual shading works well in the reading area too. It gives a glowing effect to the walls and a beautiful ambiance to boot.

Redesign A Portion Of The House

Redesigning could encompass constructing of a new loft and patio. You may also create an illusion of space by demolishing a wall. You can convert a shelf into a loft and stock the unwanted furniture in the loft.

Convert a wall into your very own canvas and paste all your photographs including family and events. It will make the corner an interesting one as people would be curious to have a glance.

You may also enhance the room décor by changing the colors of window panes. Nothing is more exciting than creating a music lounge area in the bed room by keeping unwanted furniture at bay.

If you have musical instruments you could place them in the bedroom to greatly enhance the mood. An aesthetic look teamed with utility works well in the current scenario.

Change The Furnishing

Add glam quotient to your bedroom by making it look cozy. Change the furnishing of the bedroom as it will enhance the look of the freshly painted walls.

Ensure that your curtains are in sync with colors of the wall. You can add new curtains, cushions et al. While picking the curtains, check whether they are transparent or opaque depending on the look you desire.

Thick materials would tend to block the view as well as air circulation. Lighter ones may provide an outside view, yet may not be appropriate if you anticipate peeping toms.

Go for single colored traditional Indian silk curtains with matching valances as they will not jeopardize the décor look. You may also opt for mix and match colors like pastels shades of beige and lilac.

Opt for custom made curtains as it they be apt for the windows. The best things in life are always custom made.

Change The Lighting Style

Change the shading aspect and opt for more bright lights in the TV area. Keep a dim light by the bedside to give a subtle look to the bedroom.

For a playful mood like the coffee table area, you can use handmade cane or Chinese hanging lights. Play with the lights and different shades of traditional Indian silk curtains to reflect your mood.

So get set and renovate your bedroom to impress your family and friends.