Innovative Home Décoration With Designer Indian Saris

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Some things only get better with time and your designer Indian sari is one of them. Precious embroidery and special silk cloth can be preserved forever if you want. Why throw away the expensive saris when you can make the most out of it?

Here are innovative ways to improve your home décor by using the old sari.

Quilts to Keep You Warm

You can get custom made sari quilts. The Rajasthani quilts are also called the sari quilts. Old silk saris are used for making these quilts. The best advantage of these quilts is its dual usage. It is not only warm but also very elegant.

For variation, you may get the famous kantha stitch on the top layer. Nothing beats its elegant and royal look when subtle mirror work is done. The best things in life are custom made. Its heavier variations are given away during the wedding. If you wish to go for cotton feel then do not hesitate to give away your cotton silk saris for the same.

Cushion Covers

For the silk and brocade saris, you can make interesting cushion covers. In case of your Benarasi saris too, cushion covers are a great option to look forward to. Since the silk material is still intact, get the cushion covers custom made. You can use the material from the sari and add some motifs in it.

Mix and match is also a very good option. Usually the plain silk saris retain their sheen even after a long period. Get two different sari materials and weave it in a design pattern. Go for bright colors like green and pink, red and gold.

Innovative Curtains

Instead of buying expensive readymade curtains, get it custom made. Use your old silk and chiffon saris and get curtains made out of it. Mix and match of different fabrics would play up the room décor. It will not only add panache to the home décor but also save money.

It is advisable to get the curtains custom as it will provide a good fall and fitting. For different occasions, you can get different sets of curtains made. For instance for the regular usage, you can use your chiffon and cotton saris. Silks and embroidered saris can be used for bright curtains ideal for the festive occasions.

Those who do not have saris of their own can get their very own sari curtains from one of the best collections online.

Sari Valences

You must have seen those bright valences at the luxury hotels. You can recreate the same aura at your place with the valences made out of sari.

Custom made sari valences can be custom made and inexpensive too. You can add some laces at the edge or simply make the most of the zari saris by making sari valences for the curtains. The silk fabric will enhance the look of the curtains. You get the duo custom made keeping in mind the measurement of individual windows and doors.

Tablecloths to Impress

If you are tired of looking at your tablecloth, then get into the action. Use your handloom print saris for making a tablecloth. You can also club them with silk sari border. Prepare a design pattern out of the sari’s zari border. For a more flamboyant gorgeous look, you can get mirror work done.

So make the most of the good old sari in the times of recession.