New monthly post - Java Junkies!

Welcome to the first of our new monthly posts to the Read, Write & Brew blog...

Java Junkies

Since we've opened up our store, we've met many many interesting and wonderful members of our local community. We've loved getting to know them all, and we think you would too. So this new monthly post is dedicated to all our interesting regulars. Come in often enough, and perhaps you'll get talked into getting your mugshot and story featured on our blog site too!

Without further ado, may we introduce to you Edwin and Pauline Ellis.

Edwin and Pauline regularly donate great books to Read, Write & Brew's book fund. Ladies, if you visit our craft section, and find fabulous knitting, sewing and crochet books from the 60's and 70's, chances are that these awesome finds originally belonged to Pauline. You've got to come in and check them out. You know how everything old is new again? Well if you love retro, and think yourself crafty, you'll love these books.

But enough about the books, and back to Edwin and Pauline. This lovely married couple of 4 years have spent their last 3 years as residents of Golden Colorado, and are originally from North Carolina.

Edwin is a Korean War Veteran, and a retired fireman, after 35 years of service.

Pauline worked in a textile factory, and her hobbies include crochet and reading.

Their favorite TV shows are, The Price Is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel Of Fortune.

We're really grateful to you Edwin and Pauline - not only for your service to this country and your local community, but we know how hard it is for you to lug those books into our store, and yet you keep them coming! We'd like to thank you for these reasons, and thanks for being Read, Write & Brews' first Java Junkies!