We get by with a little 'Yelp' from our friends...

So now that the word of mouth is spreading about our store, we've noticed people are 'Yelping' us to find us, and some are even spending the extra time to leave a comment about our store. Here's what people have been saying about us on Yelp.

"Very peaceful place to sit read and drink coffee. It is located next to the foothills of the mountains, so you can see hills out the window."
jo j. (Lakewood CO)

"Independent coffee shops tend to have great coffee, of course. But this stuff is about the smoothest and most flavorful I've had. But the bigger surprise was the low prices. I had just popped-in to grab an eye-opener, but and definitely planning on going back, frequently and soon. And that's saying a lot since we're up in the Bailey area and don't come down the hill unless there's something special for us."
Me F (Park CO)

"I am there at least twice a week."
Angela C (Denver CO)

We love getting comments on Yelp (especially the positive 5-star-rating kind!!). It helps us know if we're on track in delivering the kind of customer experience we set out for. If you're registered with Yelp, and have been to Read, Write & Brew, why not leave us a comment as well?