Java Junkie of the Month - Edward Raymond (or Ed)

by Julie Patrick

Ed doing the cheesiest pose he could for his Java Junkies photo - as requested by Jefferson.

Ed works just up the road at Health Grades as a QA Engineer, and first found out about Read, Write & Brew while on one of his lunchtime walks. "I saw the 'Opening Soon' signs painted on the windows, and couldn't wait for you guys to open. I think the first time I came in you guys were only open about a week or so".
Ed comes in almost daily, usually sipping his favorite beverage, our Sugar Free Vanilla Latte. As I interviewed him today, he instead chose one of our $5 lunch specials; sandwich, chips and a can of Diet Dr Pepper. I interrupted his lunch to interview him for our blog, but he was a good sport about it and didn't seem to mind.
Julie: What book are you reading at the moment?

Ed: 'The Black Couldren' by Lloyd Alexander. Actually, I bought it from here.

Julie: What's it about?

Ed: Not sure, I haven't started it yet, but it's a Fantasy novel.

Julie: So is that your favorite genre, fantasy?

Ed: Yeah, science fiction or fantasy. The spirit of Pulp Fiction, in its hey day.

Jefferson: Hey, how's that website going that you're working on?

Julie: Website? What Website?

Ed: It's not finished yet, but it's called Ink Dweller. It's basically an online writers group for Pulp Fiction, or short stories. Writers can submit their short stories on the website, and the best stories will get published in the Ink Dweller Magaine, which is yet to be launched.

Jefferson: Want us to plug the website for you on our Blog?

Ed: Sure. It's not finished yet, but the website is

Julie: Writers Group hey? Did you know we're hosting a 'Meet the Authors Event' on September 11th with the Evergreen Foothills Writers Group?

Ed: Yeah, Jefferson told me about it. I'm coming to that for sure.

Julie: How long have you been writing short stories?

Ed: I'd say about 5 years or so.

I have grown to love interviewing our regulars for our monthly Java Junkie posts. I've discovered things about the people that come into Read, Write & Brew that I otherwise would never know about them. Take Ed for example. You yourself have probably seen him tapping away quietly on his laptop on the counter, not realizing he's creating such an awesome opportunity for other short story lovers like himself to share their ideas, stories and opinions on the Ink Dweller website.

I jumped onto to have a looksie, and read his personal hypothesis on the difference between a writer, author and storyteller. Very interesting stuff. If you're into short story writing, be sure to have a looksie for yourself. While you're there, if you like what you see, why not log on and register? It's free and a great way to network with others who are also interested in Pulp Fiction and short story writing.

Julie: So when you're not Quality Assuring at Health Grades, or writing Pulp Fiction and short stories, what else do you like to do?

Ed: I like to play chess. I used to play in a club and in tournaments as part of the U.S. Chess Federation, but now I just mostly play with friends.

Julie: Into strategic games, huh. So, do you like playing Poker too?

Ed: Yeah, Texas Hold 'Em.

Julie: Hmmm... short story writing, chess, Texas Hold 'Em. Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

Ed: Oh yeah, I'm a total introvert. Even down to playing Dungeons and Dragons, but don't put that part on the blog.


Thanks Ed for being our August Java Junkie. We hope you enjoy your $10 store credit, and good luck with Ink Dweller.
See ya on the 11th of September!