Come and meet Rene Ellis, author of 'Billy Bob the Bullfrog from Marshy Bog'

Have you ever wondered how to make friends? Then come to the Bog and meet Billy Bob the Bullfrog from Marshy Bog. He has a tongue so long he can almost reach the stars. So come and start the adventures of Marshy Bog and join in the journey of learning how to play.

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Rene Ellis will visit Read, Write & Brew to read the newest book from her Marshy Bog series. Bring the kids for fun story time, get a signed copy, and help support a local Denver author.

Where: Read, Write & Brew
When: December 11th, 2010
Time: 1pm - 3pm

About Rene
"Children and Children's books are my passion. My Marshy Bog series helps children understand that they should not taunt others because they are physically or mentally different than most.

My family is my motivation. I have been married for 30 years and have two grown sons, Matthew and Derek. My Marshy Bog Series was written about and for our two sons as they were growing up.

Our youngest son, Derek, had severe hearing problems as a child and I remember the times that he was made fun of due to speech problems. However, he was the type of person that could deffinately take care of himself when this happened but it still hurt. He does not have a speech problem today! Sadly, most children do not know how to defend against this type of situation and hide their fear of being taunted! I have approximately 12 stories written and I am excited that my first story was just released and titled, Billy Bob the Bullfrog. You see, Billy Bob has a tongue so long that it almost reaches the stars but due to this he can't speak properly. In short, Marshy Bog is Where Children Learn to Play!

I hope that my words encourage those that are different from others to find their own strength and become successful just like Billy Bob and Boomer the Badger.