Java Junkie of the Month - Davina Van Buren (Dee)

Dee took a break from her 'National Novel Writing Month' Meetup Group in order to sit down with Julie for this months Java Junkie interview.

Dee: Not everyone remembers 'Davina', so most people call me Dee.
Julie: That's a beautiful name.
Dee: Thank you. It's a Hebrew name, a feminine form of 'David' and it means 'beloved', and my middle name is 'dawn' so it means 'the beloved break of day'.
Julie: That's so beautiful, your mum and dad did a good job on that one!
Dee: Yeah, they got really deep on that one - they were hippies (laughs).
Julie: And so you mentioned you grew up in North Carolina?
Dee: Mm-hum! I'm from North Carolina, I've lived there all my life until 6 months ago. I was born in a small town in the center - in the exact center - called Sanford. Wilmington, by the coast, was my favorite place. I love the beach.
Julie: So what made you decide to move all the way across the country to Colorado?
Dee: Well, a couple of things, my Fiance is in the Medical Marijuana business, so we opened up a dispensary. And also, one of my best friends has lived out here for about 12 years, and she's been trying to get me to come out here and work with her. And she's starting a new company, so once she gets it off the ground, I'll be working for her.
Julie: So are you working right now, or are you just waiting for her business to take off.
Dee: Well, no, I'm helping my Fiance with his business, and I'm working on my book.
Julie: That's right. Jefferson mentioned to me that you're writing for the competition...
Dee: National Novel Writing Month. Entries are due at the end of November. The premise of it is you have 30 days to write 50,000 words, which is roughly equivalent to 175 pages. So, if you write 1700 words every day, for a month, it's enough for a novel. And this year about 197,000 people are doing it across the world. So far I'm on target. I've been staying with my word count. But, it's definitely a challenge because I've never written anything this long.
Julie: So you've written things before?
Dee: Yes, I was a writer back in North Carolina. Before I moved here I worked for an arts magazine, and I've also worked for a woman's issues magazine, I used to do restaurant reviews, I worked for a newspaper - I've always just loved writing.
Julie: So what are you writing about for your entry to the National Novel Writing Month?
Dee: I'm writing a memoir. I love reading fiction, but, I'm not going to say I'm not good at it - because I haven't really tried - but I just haven't ever written a lot of it. So for my first attempt at a book I'm just going to do something where I know the subject matter. And it's also for my son. He's 19 years old now, so if anything happens to me, I would like for him to have something that he could go back and read and know who I am and how I got here.
Julie: So I ask everyone this, do you have a favorite drink at Read, Write & Brew?
Dee: Oh man, I sure do (laughs). I always get a medium cappuccino with skim milk, wet. Recently I've been drinking your Great White Pumpkin Latte, for Halloween - that's my guilty pleasure.
Julie: Sometimes you have to treat yourself and go all out, get the whipped cream on top and everything.
Dee: That's what I did too!
Julie: So my final question to all our Java Junkies is, what's something people - reading this blog or just hanging out in the store - would be surprised to know about you?
Dee: I could tell you a couple of things. The first one is, as I told you guys last week and you were surprised to find out, that I have a son who's 19. A lot of people don't think that I'm old enough - which is good. So that surprises people, and the other thing is I've actually hung out at the Playboy Mansion. I have a friend who does a lot of charity events there, and about 4 times a year they throw these big parties and all the money goes towards charities like 'SPCA' or 'Make A Wish Foundation' or any other charity that they happen to be working with. So I'll get all dolled up and put on some sexy clothes, and go hang out with Hugh Hefner. I don't usually do stuff like that, I never wear makeup, I'm always in some sweats or jeans, so when I do get all dolled up it's like, 'Woah, who's that?'. The Playboy Mansion is amazing. It's got a zoo, and a huge grotto with waterfalls, acres and acres where you can play volleyball or hang out at the game room, there's peacocks running around, and all sorts of crazy things - it's huge. It's really great, because you get to hang around all these celebrities and people who do amazing things, and beautiful ladies, and it's just a beautiful atmosphere. So, you probably wouldn't know that by looking at me (laughs).
Julie: Well thanks so much for agreeing to this interview.
Dee: Well, I'm honored. I can't wait to see it!

Well Dee, sorry it took so long, but here it is!
It was such a pleasure getting to know one of our newest regulars - such a beautiful girl, inside and out. We hope you enjoyed your $10 gift certificate, and used it to treat yourself to an all out Great White Pumpkin - whipped cream and all!

Click here if you'd like to read an excerpt of Dee's entry into the National Novel Writing Month competition.