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chinese bedroom decor

chinese bedroom decor to made couple very romantic mood at the evening.

hanging lights for home decor

Decorative lights have always been a passion for home decor and one of the easiest ways to add beauty to a room. If you are interested in something which is eco friendly but still makes the room attractive and looks unique. The collection is available in various varieties like sitting table lamp, standing floor lamp, wall scone lamp etc.

Living Room Decor Ideas

If you have a liking for fishes or water creatures then you would not find it too difficult to maintain these aquariums too. They maintenance is very easy and need not be done on daily basis. The below shown aquariums are not from any particular designer or company, they have been generally selected to give you a brief idea of what type of aquarium would suit your house.

Home Decor Ideas

The aboriginal footfall in alteration the attending of a home with home adornment account is to change the bank color. Perhaps you accept noticed that by authoritative the blush of a ample allowance darker, it is accustomed the actualization of getting smaller

One of the a lot of important things to accede in home adornment is how colors bout with anniversary other. For example, a allowance absolutely busy in assorted shades of a individual blush will a lot of acceptable attending too monotonous.

There are affluence of sources to get simple home adornment ideas. Home adornment magazines should be your aboriginal choice. You can aswell appointment a bounded home advance centermost and ask a sales accessory for some ideas. And, of course, the Internet is a abundant provider of assorted home adornment ideas.

designer home furnishing

STYLE AND DESIGN Maspar specialises in designer home furnishing.

Home Decor Manufacturer India

home decor Accessories manufacturer in India the imaginatively creative product development team works immensely to meet upto the latest and fast-changing needs of global buyers.

Home Decor Accessories

Pictures of Urban Decor - Online Store for Modern Home Furniture Contemporary Home Decor Accessories.

home decorating ideas

Bring home West Elm’s latest graphic art collections. The gallery frames, made of wood and glass with removable canvas, come in different size and shapes. Abstract graphic patterns in vibrant colors help create an inviting ambiance in almost any room. Add, subtract, or rearrange graphic art pieces to suit your taste, and make a contemporary style statement of your own.

art decor home

In this images you take idea how decor your home such these types.

Home Decor Fabrics

Ravindra International is manufacturing and exporting the most creative collection of Home Furnishings, Decorative Products and Gift Items. The company manufactures and exports a wide range of products including Cushion Covers, Curtains, Bath mats, Rugs, Jewelry Boxes and more.

Warm Modernism

We love the modern look, escpecially when it's cozy and livable.  No one does it better than Marcel Wolterinck, a Dutch designer. His interiors have a really organic feel to them. We love his use of textures and natural materials to bring the inside/outside together.

Here' s some images for your viewing pleasure....

To see more of his portfolio or buy his books, check out the web site here.

Upholstered Headboard

We've been working on a small project with a very small budget.  Mind you, we're really not the decorate-on-a dime kinda people.  Those decorating shows that teach you how to make a volleyball net out of the plastic canholders?  Or ottoman out of empty Coke bottles?  No thanks.    However, there are ways to make your house look nice on a budget, and having a colorful, pretty headboard for your bed is one of them.  It's really pretty when you choose a striking fabric that's colorful and fun.  The headboards cost about $500-600 to make, and usually you can have a good local, upholsterer make it for you.

If you are looking for headboard models, here are some good ones from Edward Ferrell.    You can go to the site and download a tearsheet (you can order from them too, but it's kinda expensive).

Bring this to your favorite upholsterer along with your favorite fabric and voila...

Old Leather Books

There's this bar called the Library Bar in downtown Los Angeles that we go to once in a while.  Its walls are lined with these antique books that we thought are pretty cool.

 If you ever wanted that lived-in, antiqued look, there's this line of antique library books you might want to check out. They retail for about $10-15 each or something like that...

Modern living room

Modernizing the living room is the latest trend for improving the home decor. A modern living room is functional and uses the living room space very efficiently. These living rooms are spacious and uncluttered. Almost every modern furniture is simple, functional and mainly serves the purpose of storage. Many of the furnitures used are geometric in shape. The cabinets used are closed types that store things and at the same time give uncluttered look to the room. Modern living rooms make use of very bright colors. The furniture color and the color of the walls should contrast each other to give an ultra modern look to the living room. The colors used should be bold, yet pleasant. See that you do not modernize the living room to a great extent. Add some antique frames or art pieces to improve the room d├ęcor.

Painted Ceiling

We were helping a friend with paint colors in his new house the other day and it dawns on us that everyone always thinks about painting the walls, but never the ceiling.  Most people just leave the ceiling white.

But why oh why?  Let us tell you, painting the ceiling is one of the best things you can do to your house. It warms it up instantly.

Here are some quick samples:

Photo credit:  Benjamin Moore

Next time you plan to paint the house, think about the ceiling as well...

Home Decor: Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Home interior decorating can be quite a daunting prospect. There are a great many details to be taken into consideration, and innumerable possible interior decorating ideas that you can come up with. Just knowing where to start is a major issue. You can, of course, just call in a professional Interior Decorator and save yourself all the bother, but then you will miss out on the fun part of doing up your home yourself, of imprinting your home with your own personality. Because, of course, your home interior design should reflect your personality; without that personal touch even the most perfect arrangement in the world would fall short. . It is also important, when going for home decoration, to give a lot of thought to comfort, functionality, safety, and ambiance. You need to develop an overall plan before you get started.

Pretty Pillows from Allem Studio

We saw this adorable pillow line at the New York Gift Show and we thought you might want to check them out.  The pillows are made of cotton/linen fabrics and are either embroidered or silk-screen printed.  They're so pretty and fun....

These run about $90-120 each and you can find them on our decorative pillow section...

Home Interior Decorating

Home decorating is an art indeed. For those who are enthusiasts, the ideas may flow naturally, with the desire to try out something new with the house every once in a while. However, those of you who don't have the faintest idea about home decorating will require some kind of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. It is for individuals such as you, that a compilation of some of the best home interior decorating tips and ideas has been made here. Sift through these, choose those ideas that suit your choice and taste, that reflect your personality, and implement them within your living space. Take a look. 

Bright, Pretty Rooms in Lime/Yellow

Hello everyone! We hope you are having a great new year. As you might have noticed we've been MIA for a while. Last year was crazy, we tell you. We were so busy we thought we were going to die! We've launched 3 new sites, moved our office to Sausalito and added some new staff, so needless to say, things have been hectic for us.

But, we're back and we're ready to work.

Here are some pretty, bright room to brighten up your winter days... don't know what it's like where you live but it's been raining forever here in California!  We're praying for a little sunshine!