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Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas
Here are some useful ideas for decorating a beautiful bathroom.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas

* Use tiles with designs, and install them on the 4 walls covering ¼ of each wall, and the rest with plain colored tiles, paint the same patterned designs a bit on the sink and bathtub.
* Try a complete white bathroom design with white tiles, white toilet, sink, bathtub and accompany with steel metal accessories like shower and taps. Place 4 paintings which are in a sequence, on the 4 walls to add an interesting accent.
* Go for a lavender and black colored theme. Go for light lavender colored walls, with black metal accessories and black bathtub, sink and toilet. Place a potpourri bowl with lavender and other color ingredients and sprinkle some lavender essential oil for a bathroom which even smells like lavender!
* Create soothing and natural looking bathroom decorations with off-white colored tiles, place a bamboo mat and bamboo shelves and a small bamboo houseplant.
* Use full patterned tiles for all the floor and all walls, and go for off-white bathtub, sink and toilet. Place some off-white colored mats on the floor and other off-white colored accessories on the walls to tone the place down.
* Go for a theme like an open bathroom and paint the ceiling with a sky mural. Add more bathroom lighting or consider installing a skylight and use tiles which give a feel of outdoors. Or hang paintings which display outdoors on white tiled walls.
* Create your own private beach theme in your bathroom. Hang a sign on the door saying private beach, then add accessories like shells, crabs, starfish on the walls. Go for aqua green shade of tiles and floor, and use metal accessories with bronze color and white bathtub, sink and toilet. Add a shower curtain with shell designs on it, and go for bathroom vanities like a mirror with a coral frame.
* Try out a stunning and modern looking bathroom, with bold and clean lines and colors like black and silver. Use black colored walls, and steel accessories. Sober it down a bit by going for white sink, toilet and bathtub. Place 2 abstract paintings, one on the opposite wall to the toilet and one on the opposite wall to the shower stall for you to contemplate.
* For a soft and beautiful light reflecting bathroom, go for wooden bathroom flooring of medium shade. Then place some rocks and house plants which can live in low light on the ground. Go for white bathtub, sink and toilet; and place soft translucent fabric curtains with the same colors of the walls, which can be blue, orange or green.
* Go for a plain white colored bathroom with white walls and floor, and bathtub, sink and toilet. Then add light fixtures of great designs which give out different colors. Pick an assortment of such colored lights and hang them on the four corners and enjoy the blending of beautiful colors in your bathroom. Use little accessories like wooden shelves and other small wooden decorative items, and place a vase with flowers on the sink counter.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room decor ideas plays a vital role in making a statement of your style and lavishness, There are numerous ways to decorate your living room through room design ideas. So much information can confuse you. So in order to use he living room decorating ideas you must stick to one theme and weave the rest of the decor around it. If you will use more than one element and very different colors in your living room then for sure you gonna create a chaos. In order to get what you want, first search the best ideas of room decorating then selecting the one according to your taste and style. Also you cannot apply all of these so just get the best possible and create your own design......

Oval Desk

Just want to share with you our favorite item of the day, the oval desk.  It's very rare to find a cool desk, don't you think?  It's even rarer to find one in oval.  Usually they are always rectangular.  Granted, oval is not always the most practical shape, but if you don't have to place your desk against the wall it's a really, really cool look.

Anyway, we love this desk.  It's selling for $1500 and it's so worth it!

Firewood as Decoration

Is it cold and wet where you are?  It is here in Sausalito and we just love it.  When it's like this it's so tempting to light up a fireplace isn't it?  Except do you know it's terrible for the environment?  It really is.  The NY Times had an article about that here.

Anyway, we love the idea of using firewood as decoration though.  It's so organic (so overused, we know), but it just adds warmth to a room without having the hassles and expenses, you know?

Here are a couple of pictures:

Source:  Erin Martin Design

Source: NY Times

Modern Architecture Done Right

We think it's really hard to do modern decor.  You can't really hide anything. Everything has to be just so--ie, the right color scheme, the right lines, the right spacing...

Here is a sample of some beautiful modern decor from the real estate section of the Wall Street Journal.  This house is made of glass and steel.  We just love the simplicy of it it, don't you?

To see the rest of the house, click here.

home decoration

So you pick up your favourite fashion magazine and note the Versace runway show features bold graphic prints in vibrant colours.

The same day, it seems, you can walk into a big-box store and snap up a throw pillow or curtains in a similar print, or a host of other items inspired by what's on the runways this season. But is this a good thing for your decor?"

Movements in home decoration have always followed fashion trends, but never as quickly as they do today," said Jean-Claude Poitras, a multi-award-winning Montreal designer who left behind a 30-year career in fashion for the world of home design.

Dream Life

In the past we blogged about our favorite fashion blogs, The Sartorialist and Garance Dore-you probably heard of them? Hugely popular, their photos are gorgeous! It's one of those blogs that we read everyday along with our morning coffee.

Anyway, here is a great article about the couple in New York Magazine if you are interested.

It's so great when a blog with an original idea becomes hugely successful like that. Gives hope to the rest of us, no?

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