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Where Did You Get That? White Hollywood Regency Desk

We love the simplicity of this desk. It's small enough for a small, carved-out office and big enough to be functional.

We found a similiar desk via Sunpan Imports. It comes in white and expresso. It's $975 plus $125 for shipping. If you are interested drop us a line.

Affordable Shoes and Bags help you to Gain Personal Freedom - Leather Walking Shoes Kerala, Travel and Shopping Bags Kochi, Laptop Bags Kerala

Affordable Shoes and Bags help you to Gain Personal Freedom - Leather Walking Shoes Kerala, Travel and Shopping Bags Kochi, Laptop Bags Kerala

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Living Room Sets

Living rooms are not considered a living room without living room sets! They are a major thing in a living room. They not only serve their function as a resting area, but they also decorate the room.

Living room sets may include a couch, a chair, and a side table. Sometimes, they include lamps that go well with the set. It really depends on the package you are going to purchase. All of the pieces included on these living room sets coordinate. They surely will make your job of decorating your living room an easy task.

Living room sets are really a big part of the living room. That’s why you have to know what details you want in your set. You want to be sure that your living room sets will fit into your room and will leave space for the other decorative furnishings. So if you are planning to buy one, consider these tips on buying living room sets.

First, you have to decide on what couch should you choose. Usually, couches that are a part of living room sets can provide seats for three to five people. Couches are considered to be the main attraction of living room sets. All the other furnishings that are included in the set should be coordinated with your couch. So if you have a Victorian couch, the side tables and chairs should be of Victorian style too.

Second is your choice of chair. Most living room sets let you choose between chair and a loveseat chair that comes with your couch. A loveseat chair is made for only two people. It is a small scale couch, the only difference is that few people can seat on a loveseat chair. If you do not want a loveseat chair, you may opt to have a chair or an ottoman. If these come in the set, they will typically be covered in the same material as the couch.

And lastly is your choice of side table. Most living room sets come with one side table. Others offer two to three side tables that will go well with the other parts of the set. Some sets also have their lamps with the side tables. These tables are made in the same style and design of the couch and chairs.

Most people used to purchase furniture for their living room individually. That’s why they end up having trouble about the space and design of their living room. It’s either the couch they’ve purchased does not match the tables. But with these living room sets, it will be easier to decorate your living room.

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modern living room furniture

This is Modern Living room Furniture Ideas with High End Gadget. There are some living room interior idea for your sweet home, just take a look here. You can combine the living room with modern gadget like Plasma or LCD TV, luxury sound system, CCTV camera, modern living room lighting and other gadget decoration. For the Furniture, you can choose elegant furniture made from wood, sink, metals or other material. Just get inspiration from this photos.

living room designs

Most people think that living rooms are easy to design and decorate as long as you have the most important and key furniture and decors to put in it like sofa, coffee table, flower arrangement, vase, and other living room basics. And yes, you might get a living room by arranging such items in a room, but to have a stylish, functional, and comfortable living room requires great style, an eye to detail and aesthetics. The living room is usually the first room in your house you go to and see when you go home and it is important that this room should make you feel relaxed and comfortable it should convey an atmosphere of warmth, balance, and beauty. One of my favorite interior designers when it comes to creating livable and elegant living rooms is celebrity Interior Designer.

April Java Junkies - Cory and Kim Forgrave

We love to write our 'Java Junkies' post, because it's a way for us to get to know all our regulars better - and it's a way for all our regulars to also get to know more about those familiar faces they see when they're hanging out at the store. We like to think we're doing our part in encouraging 'local community bonding' and stuff.

Julie: How long have you guys been coming to Read, Write & Brew?

Cory: Since last fall. We moved here to Colorado from San Diego.

Julie: Did you guys grow up in San Diego?

Kim: I did. Cory grew up in Michigan – Upper Peninsula.

Julie: So what took you out to San Diego Cory?

Cory: Well, I originally moved out to Colorado, to Fort Collins, like, probably eleven years ago. And, uh, just met some friends and he used to be in the Marines, and he always wanted to get back to the surfing, and I loved motor cross, so the three of us moved out to San Diego so he could surf and I could do the motor cross.

Julie: Are you still doing any motor-crossing?

Cory: No, haven’t done it in a few years, but I still love the sport.

Julie: And what brought you out here?

Cory: School of Mines. I’m going to school there.

Julie: What are you studying?

Cory: Mineral and Energy Economics.

Julie: And how’s it going so far?

Cory: So far so good. It’s tough, but it’s going well.

Julie: How much longer have you got to go?

Cory: Ummm, a few years. It’s a PHD program, so probably another 4 years or so.

Julie: And then when you’re done do you plan on staying in Colorado, or do you plan on moving on?

Cory: The degree will take me wherever the market leads me, so…

Julie: Well good luck with that.

Cory: Thanks.

Julie: And what do you do Kim?

Kim: I’m an executive assistant and I work down in Denver.

Julie: So what’s your guys’ passion? What things do you love to do?

Kim: [laughs] Right now we just work on our house.

Julie: Are you renovating it?

Kim: Um, no. We just bought a place and it hadn’t been painted, so we’re going through the whole, having to paint every square inch of it. That’s pretty much what we do now.

Cory: Yeah, otherwise it’s just full time school, and walkin’ the dogs.

Julie: How many dogs do you have?

Cory: We have two. A little Lab, and then an Australian Cattle Dog.

Kim: Yes, they keep us busy. That was our routine, and so that was the hardest part about moving here is that, well coming from San Diego there’s so many coffee shops and different little cute eclectic places that we would bounce around and we had our little routine down and then when we moved it was hard to find another set of shops to go to. So, when Cory stumbled on your place…

Julie: Awesome! Do you find it harder to walk your dogs year round here? Do you let the snow stop you at all in the winter?

Cory: No. You really can’t. I mean, it limits where you can go, but for the most part it hasn’t been too bad. You know, and we live just off Green Mountain so, when it’s nice, there’s lots of places to take them.

Julie: So you guys love hiking and stuff too?

Cory: Yeah.

Julie: So we ask all our Java Junkies, what’s your favorite drink at Read, Write & Brew?

Cory: Oh, mine’s the ‘Black and Tan’ for sure.

Julie: I’ve noticed, every time you come in, Jefferson see’s you, gets a cup ready and just says to you ‘Black and Tan’?

Kim: Yep, and then I get the iced tea.

Julie: So what’s something most people don’t know about you guys, or would never know about you unless they asked this question?

Cory: Well, it’s not too wild or wacky, but we had the chance to travel to East Africa, Tanzania. We spent a couple of weeks there. And that was really nice.

Julie: Tanzania, wow! What was that like? I don’t know anything about that country.

Kim: It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I ended up winning a sales contest at work, and so I got $10,000 to go on a vacation. So where would you pick if you had $10,000? So I decided we could either do something really fancy or we could do something that we would never do if it was our own money. So we went on a safari with a British company, and we traveled all over Tanzania and actually spent like three or four days, they let us camp in the bush with those big tents like you see in the movies… and um, yeah, they took really good care of us so, it was just us and our guide and, the guide specialized in birds, and Cory likes birds, and he also specialized in photography. So he’d always rotate the Jeep to the right light so we could get the best pictures of the animals.

Julie: So you got to see wild animals up close, like lions and zebras and…

Cory: Yeah, that was pretty much the norm. Every day you’d see elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras…

Julie: Did it freak you out to be so close to those huge wild animals like that?

Kim: It freaks you out! I mean, they were close. Like, the elephant would be just on the other side of the glass, you know, right here [we were sitting on the couches, and Kim was pointing to the window facing our patio].

Julie: That close!

Kim: Really close. We had one block the road, where you know, he moves to the side flapping his ears, showing his dominance. And then, there’s different techniques they use to try and move them, but…

Cory: You don’t know if they are going to charge or not…

Kim: Yeah they’d say ‘If they charge and we flip over, make sure you stay underneath the Jeep’, so [laughing] it’s real life stuff. So, I was probably more freaked out than Cory. Cory was loving it, but… at one point they found lionesses in the trees, and we weren’t supposed to go off the trail, but our guide was like, ‘we’ve gotta do this’, so he drove us into the trees and literally, if you stood up and looked out the skylight, the paw was just six inches above where we were and you could hear them breathing. They were up in the trees trying to catch some breeze… so, you’re like ‘they could just fall over into our truck [laughs] but they never did and I guess people, I mean, that’s why they’re paying the money, they WANT that experience. But, it was a little like, hectic for me.

Julie: How long ago did you do this?

Cory: It was... six years ago?

Kim: Yeah.

Julie: The way you’re talking about it, it sounds like it was just last summer or something. It sounds like it’s still so vivid to you…

Cory: Yeah, it’s definitely an experience that you want to try again… so we’ll probably go back again.

Kim: Yeah, but there is no real, like, as much as you’re paying, there’s not a lot of creature comforts. Because there’s no electricity down there, so everything’s generator.

Julie: But don’t you kinda want it that way though? I mean, you’re going out into the African jungle, wouldn’t you want the full wild, raw experience…

Kim: But it’s hot [‘hot’ said with great emphasis, then laughs. Cory even agrees]. After being in 100 degree weather all day, you’re like, I’d like some cool air or… and the showers are all heated by wood, so your temperature it’s pumped from wherever you’re at – so it’s just whatever it is.

Julie: Oh, so you can’t control the temperature to make it hotter or colder.

Kim: Yeah, and so you still have like lots of bugs, and you know, there’s still that side of it. It’s pretty gritty I guess, but, it was cool. We definitely say, if you get the opportunity, it’s well worth it.

Cory: And it’s to the point now where they have big lodges there too. Like, in the middle of nowhere you’ll drive up and they’ll just have this huge lodge, so you can stay in nice comfortable places, you know, or you could stay in the tents if you want. So it’s, it’s nice.

Wow – not everyone you meet can talk about an African jungle adventure like that. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us, and thanks for being valued regulars at Read, Write & Brew. Enjoy spending your $10 gift certificate at the store. It’s our way of saying thanks for letting us pry into your lives and publish it onto our blog.

Modern Architecture

We ran accross the work from Felman Architecture today on Houzz and we just fell in love.  If you haven't heard of Houzz, it's a fabulous site for design ideas...tons and tons of pictures. 

In the mean time, here's some nice eye candies if you are into the modern look:

All photos from Feldman Architecture

living room furniture

Stunning living room furniture from Hulsta, for the fashion concious to make their living rooms attain a contemporary interior design. Elegant looks and fine finish with bold colors elevate your moods and make the living room furniture more exciting. You can either go for that all-black metallic look or judiciously throw in the reds and whites while still maintaining the class and elegance. The choice is yours.

Why we have to Use RFID Tags? - RFID Tags Kerala, RFID Access Control Kerala, RFID Card Reader Kerala

Why we have to Use RFID Tags? - RFID Tags Kerala, RFID Access Control Kerala, RFID Card Reader Kerala

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Home Decor Ideas | Home Decorating

Home Decorating Photos
Home Decor Ideas
Home Decor Ideas
Home Decor Ideas
Home Decor Ideas
Home Decor Ideas

With so many choices of home decor to choose from, the most important factor is making yourself comfortable and happy. Of course it's important to you to have an attractive and inviting home for your friends and visitors, but you're the one who matters most. After all, you do live there!

Color is a very important factor when choosing your home decor. Rich hues such as burgundy, navy, green and rustic colors tend to make a home feel warm and cozy, while lighter shades create an open and airy atmosphere. Red, black and gold as commonly used in Asian home decor is very bold and perfect for those with strong personalities who want their home to make a statement.

Country home decor and well as western styles use alot of the rich and rustic colors. Roosters, cowboy wall hangings, wooden western mirrors and candleholders all tend to have these shades in them. These warm hues are also frequently used in western style rugs, country kitchen towels, curtains and canisters.

The lighter, cooler shades mentioned above are often used in classical decor as well as shabby chic. With classical decor, the lines are usually smooth and uncluttered, with furniture ranging from white and linen to beige and brown tones. Light colored lamps, carpets and curtains are often used in this decor. Sometimes wall hangings contain bolder hues to add an interesting splash of color.

Light and airy colors are also used in shabby chic decor. There are several styles of shabby chic, but most use light colored furniture and accents with a distressed or worn finish. Delicate floral patterns are used in curtains and wall hangings, along with elegant distressed finish chandeliers, candleholders, plant stands and mirrors. The shabby chic look is romantic and charming.

Of course, whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. If an eclectic mixture of these styles is what you like, go for it! I have seen homes where each corner of the room had its own theme - nautical in one corner, porcelain dolls in another, with an overall country theme. It was absolutely breath-taking! So when it comes down to it, use whatever style of home decor makes you happy. Your guests will love it too.

Asian Bedroom Furniture | Bedroom Furniture

Asian Bedroom Furniture Sets

Asian Bedroom Furniture
Asian Bedroom Furniture
Asian Bedroom Furniture
Asian Bedroom Furniture
Asian Bedroom Furniture

Asian furniture is generally low and that comes in dark colors. Black and earthy brown are the best tones to have in the Asian themed bedroom. You can also opt for bamboo furniture, that is perfect Asian inspired furniture. If you have green colored walls you can have this bamboo furniture to add pale yellow or earthy brown tinge to the room. You can have very dark brown colored wooden cabinets and wall shelves to match the red and black color scheme. You can also add off-white cabinets to balance the dark tones. Getting Asian inspired bedroom sets is a wonderful idea. These will have classic beds, cabinets, side tables, wardrobes and dressing tables, all perfectly matching the theme and with each other, as well.

Color Scheme for Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom Decorating Pictures

Asian Bedrooms
Asian Bedrooms
Asian Bedrooms
Asian Bedrooms
Asian Bedrooms

It's fun to add colors to the bedroom when you are working out an Asian home decor. All those dark shades which you kept wondering about, to have your walls colored in, can be used now. Red and gold are the best colors to have an Asian inspired bedroom. Dominant red with a border or some stylish stripes of golden can give a dramatic look to your bedroom. Finishing the look with off-white furnishing with golden or red prints is a great idea. You can also have that lush green or softer green to have a cool effect. Again a yellow and green combo will look superb. Another wonderful idea to design Asian inspired bedroom is to have red and black or red and beige color scheme. Believe me, this looks just awesome. It will give a lively feel to the bedroom. Having semi-transparent red and black striped floor to ceiling curtains is a good idea.

Video Conference System Make your Communication Faster ! Is it true?

Video Conference System Make your Communication Faster ! Is it true?

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