home furnishing ideas




Get inspired with interior decoration photos and researching on furniture and colors Go to a newsstand and grab a good copy of a home furnishing entrepot or superior yet, go and purchase yourself a good book on how to decorate a home or furnish a rent apartment. This should get you started soon enough. The next step to decorating and furnishing your home is to find out what colors interests you. Choose the color and shade that makes you think of HOME – and then try combining the colors together. There are tons of quizzes and questionnaires online that can help you refer your favorite color…if you don’t already have a couple of favorite colors in mind. However, note that sometimes your favorite color might not be the right color and shade to use on your home. For instance, if your favorite colors are lime green, bright sunny yellow and crimson red, it’s pretty hard to match the colors together and not make the home look like a circus tent!