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Live Music: "Tim Merkel and Kyle Walker Sharing a Mic"

Two new local musical artists have joined the live music line up at Read, Write & Brew.

You may have seen them perform at local events around town - or you may not have had the opportunity to listen to their stuff yet. Either way, their passionate about their music, they're talented, and they're free to listen to! So make sure you come on down to your local coffeehouse with a bunch of friends and enjoy the free entertainment.

The free music starts now. Click the links below to hear Tim Merkel play:

Catch them:
Wed June 1st (that's tomorrow!),
Wed June 15th,
Wed June 29th,


What is so "special" about a special session?

In the next few weeks there will be a call by the Governor for a "Special Session" of the Minnesota Legislature.  The Governor is the only person that can call for a special session on "extraordinary occasions."  But there is something that is "special" before and after the unusual session starts.

An exceptional experience which is not seen in the regular session.  There will be either be no public input or testimony or very limited if at all up to and during the special session.  There are generally no public hearings.  The players from the Governor and his staff, including Commissioners will be interacting with the GOP Legislative Leader's and staff to try to work out differences between them on budget and policy matters. This process will be done through face to face meetings, e-mail, and through others forms of communication without any public meetings or notice, or access to the documents.

So you think that bill that was defeated during the past session is dead, be aware it may be in one of the bills that could be introduced during a special session.  There are many special interests who up to and during this unique session try to get legislation passed that could have been stifled by public testimony or a Chairperson of a legislative committee.  They will be knocking on the Governor and Legislative Leader's door.

It is far different from the public, open, and interactive legislative process where we can review and scrutinize bills, make public comment, and get people organized.  Generally, there will be arrangements and agreements between the Governor and Legislative Leaders.  The Governor will call for the special session.  The bills will be introduced, go through a process on the floors of each body, send it to the Governor, and he signs it.  This can be done in a matter of days.

Once the Legislature is called back in session they can do what they want to do and stay in session  until next January.  But, it is the Governor who can call the Legislator's back to St. Paul and he may not do it until there is general understanding between the parties.

Would it not be refreshing if the Legislative Leadership and Governor would give some time for the public to review the legislation which they agree on before the "Special Session."  That act alone would be very "special" about a special session

CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining your Home or Company Upgraded with Theft Control Device or System

CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining your Home or Company Upgraded with Theft Control Device or System

CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining your Home or Company Upgraded with Theft Control Device or System

CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining your Home or Company Upgraded with Theft Control Device or System

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CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining Security at your Home or Company

CCTV Hidden IP Cameras are Beneficial for Maintaining Security at your Home or Company

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Democratic Process hijacked at Legislature.

As I stated in a previous posts, the last week or so at the Legislature the democratic process is compromised for sake of expediency, but sometimes it is done to keep discussion on a subject to a minimum. This happened today with an initiative by Senator Ortman.

The Omnibus Data Practices bill, SF 1143, was heard on the floor of the Senate today.  As the bill goes through process, there are amendments.  Sen Ortman offered an amendment that would have the State participate in the Department of Homeland Security, Secure Communities Program.  The amendment was adopted.  Some givens, the amendment was not introduced as a bill, sometimes a bill is introduced, but not given a hearing, therefore, legislators try to get the bill on a proposal that is on the passage of becoming law.

With the Ortman amendment not being introduced as a bill, people did not know about the possibility of this legislation.  So today in the Senate, opportunity for her amendment.  No public notice and no process for public input on the floor of the Senate.

When I found out that the amendment was adopted I was surprised. I know that there has been controversy on the Secure Communities program nationally. A number of national organizations have raised concerns and criticisms of the program.  For example, the ACLU and American Immigration Council have position papers on the program.  There papers are linked on the organizations names.  Recently, there have been articles reporting criticism of the program in the media.  Even the state of Illinois recently pulled out of the program.

I knew that the Secure Communities program has privacy and civil liberties issues.  With it being on the Senate bill I knew more than likely the issue could have a full hearing when the bill got to a conference committee which may be in a day or so.  This is done many times by legislators where an amendment is done in one body, but not in the other, and it is worked on in the conference committee.  When the process is done this way, organizations and groups are given notice, and also made aware that in conference committee they will have an opportunity to be heard.

But, low and behold at approximately 9:30pm, I saw on tweets that there was going to be a surprise policy amendment on the Crime Conference bill.  I said to myself, what could that be.  I thought maybe the familial DNA, then it appeared on the twitter machine, the Secure Communities amendment.

The amendment was placed on the Crime conference bill without due diligence public notice, no opportunity for interested parties who oppose or critical to testify, and done in a way which the democratic ideals are made a mockery.

There should have been a proper opportunity for people who so wished to testify on this amendment to be heard.

Good legislation is made when both sides can be presented and be heard.

Update------Additional news reports about Secure Communities program.

MULTI -AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING - May 14th (that's this Saturday!) 11am until 2pm

Attention all book lovers and aspiring writers! Come and interact with talented published local area writers. Talk to them about their current books and latest literary works. All books will be available for purchase direct from the author. Who will be there?

Jo Ann Colton is a published writer, seminar facilitator, and marketer. She specializes in business writing, newspaper and magazines articles. Website

Bert was deaf and blind since the age of forty five. This heartwarming narrative is told by Diane Lane Chambers, eighty six year-old Bert's sign language teacher. Website

Kim Burnett has four books facing publication, including this guide for men entitled, The Knuckle-draggers Guide to Romance (Yes Even a Caveman Can Do It). Website

Dave Knox has been writing creatively since the 1960s. Revolution: A Revisionist’s Fiction, is a story that embraces a different U.S. historical outcome for the period 1968-1974. Website

This event is organized and hosted by the
For more information about the multi-author event, or the group’s monthly meetings contact:
JM Colton
(303) 670-1028.

Fingerprint Security System – Important Tips and Guidelines

The general trend of human nature always longing for security Physically, Mentally and Socially. Fingerprint based security access control and time attendance systems are used for all kinds of office and service sector operations in the day today environment. Fingerprint System based access control is more secured as compared to the conventional swipe card or ID cards because of the exclusive fingerprint for every entity.

Fingerprint Security Systems have fascinated people for centuries. They have been used as a method of personal identification since ancient times. The two key aspects of most of the Fingerprint Security System biometric solutions are Finger Print identification and authentication. The process of identification tells you who an individual is, or in the negative sense tells you who they are not. Fingerprints Security is examined using two different sets of criteria. One way of looking at Fingerprint Security System is using their "Class Characteristics".

Finger Print Security Systems can be used to get rid of so many issues such as Physical Access Control, Healthcare Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometrics Locks, Biometric Sensors and Detectors, RFID Tags, RFID Readers, Road Barriers, RFID Smart Card, CCTV, Metal Detectors, LED Search Lights, Fire Alarm, Finger Print Movement Control, Physical Access Control, Optical Fingerprint Scanners, Optical Sensors, Card Locks, Card Access Control Systems, Fingerprint Technology, Digital Fingerprint, USB Fingerprint Reader etc.

Fingerprint Security System Authentication is a simpler process. It involves affirming or rejecting a claimed identity by matching a live template with an existing one. Most of these identification/ authentications are done by using Smart Card. The large growth of ID-card based biometric authentication system security is wildly used in Public service applications. These cards are used for multiple purpose applications such as Digital parking meters, telephone, vending machines, ATM Cards, Digital Fingerprint Security System Identity, Personal Identification Verification Number etc.

Another kind of Fingerprint Security System is the scanner using ultrasound. The process involves high frequency sound to identify a fingerprint. An advantage of ultrasound sensors is that they are not affected by external hindrances like dirt on a finger. Thermal Fingerprint Security System Scanners work by measuring temperature differences used for a variety of security and data-collection purposes, from identifying prisoners to allowing access to information or high-security areas.

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Multi Functional Desk

We're always looking out for cool desk, especially one that looks nice yet functional.  We ran accross this one today and we really like it.  It has built-in storage that you can store books, files, your CPU etc.  It's long enough (71") to spread out.

Just perfect for an office, don't you think?

The desk is from Tema Home and it sells for $1135.