interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends for 2011 DIY is a huge trend in 2011, which means that perfect perfection and touch not exactly need a professional and personal flair and homegrown imperfections will be more acceptable. The current economic situation, many of us become nostalgic about the old days. The “old colors” to remind us of the past will be among the most popular interior design trends this year. Verily, We all love the minimalist look with white furniture, romantic lines, which are extremely functional. This is more than an interior trend, it is a way of life. Choose white furniture, white painted walls with colorful accessories thrown colored cushions, nude soft carpets, boxes of different sizes, so you have somewhere you keep magazines and DVDs. Through the reuse of furniture through restoration will not only save money, but you will also feel good that you’ve contributed to the protection of the environment.