Local Author Book Signing: The Ties That Bind: Birds, Nature and Us.

Sat June 18th,
Mike Foster,
12 noon-2pm

Americans are great joiners. Millions of us join organizations devoted to birds, animals, natural history, and the outdoors. But joining is not the same as connecting. We have been slow to realize that Nature is in trouble. The climate is warming. Resources are disappearing faster than we can replace them. Species extinctions are accelerating.

To save birds and to preserve the planet we must first heal ourselves, because as intolerance and selfishness demonstrate every day, humanity is in trouble with itself. We can begin to save ourselves by realizing that our fate is linked to that of the natural world. We can begin to heal our environment by relearning cooperation, mutual respect, and generosity of spirit—virtues that will reinforce our intimate and infinite ties to Mother Nature.

Throughout The Ties That Bind: Birds, Nature and Us Mike Foster emphasizes the practical value of these virtues while elaborating the personal philosophy he has developed during a lifetime of outdoor experiences. His sympathetic connections to Nature provide vivid images of the natural world, especially birds. His message is informative and uplifting.

The questions the author raises in these essays probe subjects most of us prefer to ignore: Why are so many Americans still denying their role in global warming? How is the “energy crisis” mostly a matter of attitudes? What would bacteria like to tell us? Why is water shortage a moral issue?

In the voluminous literature on the environment, this book is unique in suggesting the transformative role birds can play in changing our attitudes to Nature. Based on solid biological research, expressed in a fluent and often lyrical style with a confident voice, Foster’s essays will convince you that birds and Nature are worth saving.

Come down to 'Read, Write & Brew' this Saturday to hear Mike Foster read from his book,
as well as engage in discussion on this hot topic.

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