Monday at our house...

What a busy weekend we had a baby shower, a farewell and a birthday party here there and everywhere! I managed to spend a little bit of time on the farm, whilst taking Bella (our dog) for a walk I grabbed this eucalyptus branch, wall actually I outsourced the Mr to fetch it for me. I think it looks so simple but beautiful sitting in a large vase, I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water to enhance the smell (I used good old "Double D").

A few other bits and pieces:

  • The dog bed that I made in beautiful gold satin, piped in chocolate brown velvet (my first attempt at piping a cushion was not a complete failure).
  • Black Ginger jar style lamp Thrifted from the Salvation Army for $10. I also found a duck egg blue one (at the very same store a few weeks later) that I have gifted to mum.
  • The mirror is also new - A recent present from mum - Call me mirror obsessed but I think in a small space you need to have lots of mirrors to reflect the light.  

Green is beautiful & I had the guts I would use Astro Turf as carpet too...