Home Tour - Megan Mortons Lane Cove home

Megan Mortons Lane Cove home was featured in the Real Estate Gossip section of Sundays Herald. Megan is a prominent Sydney Stylist, and after a weekend of enjoying ourselves around our North Shore abode I profoundly agree with Megan's sentiment "until you know (about the north) . . .". here.

Over the weekend we had some guests staying with us, we were so happy the fabulous weather Put on a show! activities included lunch at The Public dining room at Balmoral, a ferry ride to The Opera House to catch a show on Saturday night and Sunday spent enjoying the sunshine doing the Clontarf to Manly walk I have to agree with Megan's Statement (Although I am a little biased as I know no other).

The Mortons Lane cove house listing, Drool over that rug in the family room!

The light fitting in the Kitchen is Devinne!

Abd some more pictures I found The design files

So if its good, why leave?
It has been the loveliest place to have a family. This suburb has sourdough, proper single origin coffee, top schools and all the other rah rah that people like. My older kids are now teens and I didn’t want to be one of those people who starts to giveaway the trampoline and the slip’n'slide when the ‘kids’ are heading into their twenties!  This way a new family can enjoy all it’s spoils.  Oh sweet house, I have loved you.  For what you are now, but more so for what you will go onto be.