small bathroom designs

Having a house with a design and a fun layout will make us more happy to live in it. One of them is reflected from a pleasant bathroom design. We can have a luxurious bathroom design ideas, if we have wide place to bulid it. But it we anly have small areas, why don’t try to have a nice simple bathroom concept. For the bathroom would be more fun if you do not only consist of toilet and shower which provides water demand. One of the bathroom design in large area by adding some unique accessories such as a dry bathroom next to the bathroom wet. In this dry bathroom, we can apply a four-door cupboard for storing the various needs and toiletries. While at the top we use as a sink with hot water faucet and cold water. Do not forget to give a touch of glass be placed as a unifier of the room. Because of course, women or men who visit as guests do not want to look messy after leaving the bathroom.

The rooms are bright with sufficient lighting is needed. Because it still installing lights with a white glow to the condition of our bathrooms more easily seen. As the touch of decoration, add a floor lamp with a dim glow over can also be used. The touch of nature through the placement of trees and branch motif on the cloth up, and bath accessories green color is the combination interesting. Inspiration also put some small pots with matching color on the toilet, such as dark brown, white or even black. This would be more interesting because we adopt the bathroom chaki color. Of course this is to make the bathroom look more romantic.