I have to admit, the idea of blogging did not seem very exciting to me; until I found myself reading blogs on the New York Times website and also from a newspaper in Dominican Republic. I gradually started to read blogs on products I use or I intended to buy. The latter was the defining step for me to become a blogger. At first I could not imagine how people just wanted to write about their experiences and publish it online. Last winter, my car broke down and I needed to buy another car. So what did I do? I went online and read what people were saying about the reliability, features, and price of the car I had in mind to buy. The different car makers website I visited did not steer me towards buying the product. What actually got me interested in a given model and make was the opinion of thousands of users on the online community.
Given the experience I have, I strongly believe that a blog is one of the most useful tools a company's website can have. The blog will give insight of what are the customers looking for. In addition, it will create the starting point of creating new products and services.