Linkedin is by far the most used job search research site available in this time of recession. This site has given the regular person have access to the CEO of any given company that he or she might want to work for. In addition, the Linkedin site is not only being used by people who are searching for jobs. Recently, President Obama participated in a town hall which involved answering questions posted by member of the Linkedin community. A detailed blog titled "Obama and ‘Young Guns’ Make Silicon Valley Pitches" was published on the New York Times, written by Jennifer Preston and Sarah Wheaton. The blog appeared on the Politic section of the newspaper.

The following is the link to the article:

 Linkedin not only has created a new benchmark for networking, it also is a business in the process of making profits. The company had a Initial Public Offering of $45.00 on the New York Stock Exchange. For a new company, this very high IPO, in my opinion is setting out a sign of the power that the company has and it will keep increasing in the future.