Skype & Facebook

Without a doubt Skype and Facebook are two of the most inexpensive tools a company can use to be in touch with its customers.
Skype has indeed lower the operating cost for those industries that require employees to do business far away from their company location. As it is well known, with Skype key people do not have to travel for days and incur in hotel, flight and accommodation costs. Training is also an area where companies incur big costs. I believe that Skype can be useful for long and theoretical training within a large company. Instead of having an expert in the subject come the company's location. The company can arrange a video-chat and possibly get the training done in less time and have the employees apply the new knowledge immediately.

Skype and Facebook have become so important in our daily life due to the fact that the service is free. Although, one can pay for certain features on Skype, is not something that will greatly enhance the communication process.
Facebook is useful to target millions and millions of current customers and potential customers to a company's product. However, this does not hold true for all industries and for all products. For example, the food industry: is very easy to follow big food chains such as the Cheesecake Factory. After joining, one will get the latest updates and even discounts. In contrast, a mom and pop's pizzeria CAN have a Facebook page and offer many discounts and even freebies every now and then. The main difference between the two is that if this pizzeria has only one location in Montclair, NJ and I live in Trenton, NJ. most likely I will not be a follower. In other words, Facebook although can do wonderful things to improve sales it does not work for all business.