As Twitter popularity has increase, in the same manner the manner in which a business can use it has progress accordingly.  For any given company, Twitter has the potential to increase the level of customer service that they offered. On this site, management has the ability to get instant feedback about the products and services, and the ways people - the user - identify themselves with the brand.

Twitter has become more than a site where each individual can voice their opinion about any subject. It is also a way to embrace the constant changes that occur in our daily lives. For example, in Mexico Twitter has become more than a way of communication; it is a necessity. As explained in the article "Mexico Turns to Social Media for Information and Survival" published on the New York Times, written by Damien Cave, Mexicans are twitting about the places to avoid when there has been a violent attack. The article goes into detail of how now in Mexico, a well know country for is violence, people are already aware of crime scenes even before the police reaches the location.

I personally think that if Government can benefit as well from Twitter and in consequence the whole society will benefit. If Mexican authorities would pay close attention of what are the people saying, some crimes can even be prevented.

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