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Winner winner chicken dinner!

It is Melbourne Cup day today! What better way to celebrate to announce the winner of this beautiful print from Driftwood Interiors.

*** Winner ***

Ellise From Charles Whyte

Congratulations. Please send me an email ASAP so I can pop this beautiful print in the post for you.

Also everybody who entered thank you so much for all of the beautiful comments.

One of Ellise's favorite moments over the past year was my post on our wedding photos (way back on the 3rd November 2010). I love them too Ellise! I have this one on my desk.


Monday {Flowers + Giveaway ends today}

Sweetpeas are a glorious looking beautifully perfumed flower, sweetpeas grow like regular peas on trellis or in this case on a fence at mums house.

 I love thedischevled bright pop of colour, sitting in a milk glass vase (a thrifted find of course). The "S" on the wall is from Typo sitting in a photo box frame, I backed the frame with a wallpaper Sample Ziddi from "Porters Paints".

An Idea for a gorgeous wedding bouquet with a difference perhaps:

On another note, one of my favourite chairs Mr Rams head has changed into white for summer and made his way into the sunlight of the dining room.

I will be drawing the winner of the Giveaway today, so don't forget to enter! Here


Security Presentation

The team did a fantastic job during the presentation; their ideas went right to the point of the direction that Applegate Farms should follow. With the only idea I disagree is with the cameras.

 The implementation of Micros as a Point of Sales System would give the ice cream stores a lift in terms of  speed and also it will take the company towards more accuracy. And eventually, using a modern system can also lead to a bigger bottom line. The computer system will eliminate the time that each server has to take to make sure they are giving back the right change. In addition, each server will be able to serve more customers faster and this adds up to customers being happy due to the efficiency and the service.

Lastly, the company has rely for most of its existence on word of mouth. Now in the 21st century, there is  technology available to expand that word of mouth referral. In this case, I am referring to social media. I am an advocate of business using a small variety of social media to attract customers & retain customer as well; especially the new generation of young adults. Applegate Farms will benefit substantially by implementing the suggestions outline during the presentation.

Gov Dayton is the real dealer behind the Vikes Stadium proposal

The last several years has been one of stalemate with the various Viking stadium proposals.  Yes, several legislators took initiatives on a football stadium, but their leadership was with who they were, not based on the elected position they hold as a state wide leader, such as Governor, or elected political leader such as Majority Leader, Speaker, or Minority Leader.

I have to give Governor Dayton credit for sending a strong message, to come up with a proposal and vote for it, one way or the other, so the "stadium nightmare" can finally be over.  The Governor has  asked for the various proposals to be sent to him to where he either serves as broker with the various interests to hammer out the deal, or decides to make his own proposal, with a sink or swim attitude.

The public wants to know what happens behind the closed doors of the elected legislators, legislative leaders, and the Governor on the Vikings stadium ideas.  There needs to be a fully documented record as to how the "birth" happened to the deal, or to the "death" of a deal.  The public deserves better than some public relations piece announcing that we have agreement or no agreement with generalities.

The possibility of the Vikings leaving Minnesota is not some "small potato" issue.  It is a very major issue which hits every Minnesotan with nostalgia of the past and with hopes of the future.  For many Minnesotans there is an identity link and pride with the Vikings.  I even recently told the story how LA Rams came to the Twin Cities in 69 for the playoffs and how George Allen if I remember right was complaining about the cold.

It needs to be clear to the public what the horse trades are, the compromises, and where the common ground was found if there is a football stadium proposal.  If there is no proposal, no common ground found, it has to be clear what the "deal breakers" are.

You have a tough situation, Mr. Dayton, but you are leading, as Albert Schweitzer said, "Example is leadership."  May others do same.

If you STILL haven't caught him yet - here's another chance!

People have traveled from all over Colorado to come hear Jerry Barlow play at Read, Write & Brew. He has a loyal following, and if you live in the neighborhood, you need to take advantage of the convenience and come on down and hear him play this Saturday. You won't be disappointed.

this Saturday, October 29th
starting at 10.30am

For more information, visit


Do you people like gifts? I love giving so please enter the Black Velvet Chair Giveaway Here to win this print from Driftwood Interiors. Entries close Monday 31st October 2011.


The Patriot Act and Minnesota: 10 years later.

President G. W. Bush signed the Patriot Act 10 years ago today.  As many of us remember it passed with lightning speed with no public hearings.  The legislation being created in secret. Soon as the bill became public, the legislation was criticized from conservative and liberal groups.  There's been discussion of it ever since.  

But what many Minnesotans may not know about or remember is that there were attempts as with other state legislatures to have a state version of the Patriot Act.  This was done with various initiatives proposed by the Ventura Administration and legislators.

Suggestions and schemes ran from making secret public data that had been public for decades, easier access to our e-mails and phone calls,  to having a broad definition of terrorism.  This was just the tip of the iceberg of the many proposals.

I knew what was coming based upon press reports and speaking with legislators.  Many other groups and individuals also were also aware that there would be lot of action in the 2002 Legislative session.  What happened?

A broad coalition was formed from left to right, librarians to lawyers, citizens to professional lobbyists who monitored and engaged the legislators and the then Governor as the bills moved through the process.

The movement, progress, and end results of the "broad" Minnesota Patriot Act type bills was quite different than what happened in DC.  There were public hearings, legislators from different perspectives asking tough questions, and very important comments from the public.  I still remember a direct tit for tat discussion about the definition of terrorism between Representative Stanek and Peter Erlinder, Professor at William Mitchell Law School.

At the end of session as it sometimes happens with legislation, all the Patriot Act-Terrorism type related bills were put in one big Omnibus bill, and further complicating the situation there was a conference committee.

Myself and others monitored and engaged the conference committee as they met day and night.  I still remember being there at 3:00am in the morning when the agreement happened.  Many of the provisions I had concerns and lobbied about were either neutered, taken out, or balanced.

Minnesotans owe a big thank you to the legislators who asked the tough questions, reflected, and said we need a balanced bill when legislation may, can, and will compromise our civil liberties, privacy, and self autonomy.

But during the past ten years through today there are continuous proposals before our legislature emanating from the tragedy of 9/11 and from the same fertile ground where the Patriot Act was born.  Some of those I have mentioned previously in my posts, others will come in the future.  We, the public, still need to be engaged at the Legislature as we were in 2002, and ever vigilant.

A quote from Louis Brandeis, serves as one of many, a guide for me when there's legislation proposed that has impact on our civil liberties, privacy, and self autonomy.  It is the following: 

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding."
Louis D. Brandeis

Fingerprint Biometric Access Control Door Locks and CCTV Theft Control System Kerala

Fingerprint Biometric Access Control Door Locks and CCTV Theft Control System Kerala

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Security Access

There is only one foolproof way to protect your networked computer systems against electronic snooping, hackers, unauthorized access, stolen passwords, denial-of-service attacks and other security breaches ... unplug them. 

That clearly isn’t a practical solution. As a matter of fact, companies are trying to have  much more electronic interaction with customer. With this another problem is created, and that is how much access should a company give to employees and even to customers. Many companies focus on implementing policies and practices; however, this does not always work. 
Companies implement policies such as "do not write down your password". Many people would not remember what the password is and if one things that network security is keeping them from doing their job, then the person will find other ways to get around. If at any given time the manager or supervisor walks around the office, there will be a substantial amount of employee keeping a written copy of their network password hidden underneath their keyboard. This is  good example that shows that employees for the most part do not follow the policies.

The following link contains a video that indicates how employees can steal information using an MP3 player:

Taking the above information into consideration, I recommend that Applegate Farm follow this basic steps to limit the access their personnel and outsiders have to their information:

1- Have employees change their passwords every 60 days.
2- Hired 2-3 employees to mange the security access points.
3- Invest in firewalls, and anti-virus software.
4- Reduced employee access from 24/7 to the period of time that the employees is at work. If for example, an employee has a marvelous idea outside the working hour, that he/she believes will  benefit the company,
encourage the employee to write it in an e-mail.

Useful Links

To be continued.......

Where have I been? {Travel: Airlie Beach Whitsundays Australia}

Maybe you were wondering where I have been the last few days, or maybe not... I am going to tell you anyways! We have been in Airlie beach {Whitsundays Australia} for our gorgeous friends wedding!

We Stayed at the Pinnacles Resort, beautifully equipped accommodation, the resort is situated on a hill about 5 minutes walk from town.

The wedding was beautiful despite the weather (a little rainy) My dress was Alannah Hill, love it!

The very dapper looking Mr

The ceremony was held on the Waterfront

On our last day we went for a walk at "Coral Beach" it is part of the Conway National Park, the track starts at Shute Harbour and travels through open forest to Coral Beach, The beach was amazing and a highlight of our trip along with attending our beautiful friends wedding.

We attempted a panoramic photo and then the camera battery died, isn't that always the way!  Photobucket

Ikea {Manland Creche}

Over the fathers day weekend Ikea Trialed a “crèche” for retail-weary men, complete with Xbox consoles, pinball machines, continuous televised sport and free hot dogs.

The space is a male-only spot to hang out in while wives and girlfriends peruse the aisles.Publicity manager Jude Leon said the idea was modelled on the Swedish furniture giant’s existing child play area, SMALAND. Ms Leon said women were given a buzzer to remind them to collect their other half after 30 minutes of shopping. "Despite most men dreading a trip to the shops, we still attract a high proportion of male customers,” she said. “So we’re expecting the scheme to be a real success with both sexes.”

Full Story Here

I love the Idea however I am not sure who the buzzer idea patronises more, the husband or the wife...
PS: Sydney IKEA fans, the new store at Tempe is opening Thursday November 3. 

TCO Presentation

I was looking forward to this presentation since my group was the first one to present. I was somewhat disappointed with the material presented. I feel that the group needed to develop a little bit more on the hardware cost. As Dr. Peterson pointed out the presentation was short and sweet and it left me asking for more detail on the costs.

A classmate argued that the current hardware that MSU has might not be compatible with the Ubuntu Operating System. The group explained that hardware costs will decrease, I disagree with the group on this aspect. After reading several reviews about Ubuntu users and how they get around with the hardware issue, I expect the University to have major issues in computer labs and also in the various departments throughout campus.

Analyzing the Consultant's presentation, I think it would have been a good idea to present more examples of other institutions that are using Ubuntu successfully. Some examples are: Minnesota Public School System, Michigan Area Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools. More examples can be found on the Ubuntu website:

The C-Level personnel did an outstanding job. The whole group was extremely prepared with questions, they had analyzed the costs of implementing Ubuntu to MSU as oppose to continue with the current operating system. Danica, did a phenomenal job with the questions she asked and the extended analysis she did for this case.

As a final note, based on the presentation and the Q & A Session  as well as on my own knowledge and research, I believe MSU will not benefit at this moment from implementing Ubuntu. Perhaps, the university can opt to randomly select a few computers to have the operating system. This will allow students to choose which computers they want to use and it will give the University administrators a random sample of the acceptance of Ubuntu into the MSU community.

Does Minnesota DVS database need accountability?

In the October 4, 2011, edition of the Pioneer Press, reporter Brady Gervais writes, "DPS (Department of Public Safety) audits the DVS database monthly and monitors it regularly, Skoogman said. If patterns of potential misuse are found, DPS contacts the individual agency." Andy Skoogman is the chief public information officer for DPS.

Recently, I used the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act to request to inspect data of the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) database audit reports of agencies and police departments that were involved in recent allegations of misuse of the Minnesota Drivers and Vehicle Services database.  I also wanted to inspect all data related to the Department of Public Safety DVS audits as to policies, procedures, standards, and format for what the audit is, does, and how it is done.  Thirdly, all data as to what the process is for investigating violation of law as to the improper use of the DVS database.

You may be asking why would I want to do this?

First, I was concerned about the violation of our privacy with the DVS database that holds drivers' records, photos and personal data such as home addresses, phone numbers, and possibly medical data. Secondly, the DVS database has had problems and abuses for many years, and thirdly, media reports gives me doubts about the Department of Public Safety efforts to protect our privacy.

The response by the Department of Public Safety(DPS) to my data practices request is quite puzzling.

To my request to inspect DVS audit reports of law enforcement agencies.  The response was, "The Department does not conduct audits of law enforcement agencies and therefore the Department has no data that is responsive to this request."  Further because there are no audits, DPS states "there are no policies, procedures, standards and format, nor an explanation of how they are done."  As to what the process is in investigating improper use of the DVS database, the reply. "DVS does not investigate violation of law," therefore no data.  There are investigations for misuse, but it is done by the agency that misused the database.

Is there accountability and privacy protection in the Driver and Vehicle Services database?  Maybe not.

DIY Ikea Lack Side table meets Clayton Grey...{Say What?}

You better believe it, I kid you not! This is an Ikea Lack Table! Clementine and Olive has me absolutely dying to do a Little DIY side table for myself!

The side table DIY was inspired by this table at Clayton Grey.

Full DIY instructions can be found Here.

I could dive onto that blue couch to read my issue of Real living November!

Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System Kerala | PRLog

Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System Kerala | PRLog

Automatic Fingerprint Attendance Systems are profitable for many businesses for several Years. It increases accuracy and payroll Management of a Successful Company. It is result that Technology makes higher productivity through Automated Fingerprint Attendance Systems. If you are keeping an Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System in a better and safe Environment, it can work beneficially throughout the 24 hours without any Complaint.

While maintaining Automatic Fingerprint Attendance Systems, you should take some careful measures to maintain it properly. RFID Proximity Automatic Time Attendance Systems are much beneficial while you try for an Automatic Attendance System. Biometric Automatic Time Attendance Systems for Employees are making astonishing Advancements and changes to the Present Market Automatic Fingerprint Attendance Systems. There are Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System Cards which are assigned for each Employee. Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems are an effective and automatic Payroll Management System available in the World. Implementing Automatic Fingerprint Attendance Systems have increased efficiency and Productivity of any work by 90 Percentage.

Biometric is an excellent Mechanism by which you can automate many physical applications to Automatic Access Control Attendance Systems especially Fingerprint Attendance Automatic Systems, CCTV Wireless IP Cameras, Fire Alarms, Automatic Fire Control Panels,Boom Barriers, Automatic Security Gates,Public Addressing Systems and RFID Card Reader. These Systems will help you to access Security and Order at your Office and Home without regarding whatever your Business or Operations may be. Fingerprint Attendance Automatic Systems for Employees is easy to install and use. The beneficial features associated with a Biometric Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System are Security,Accuracy, Efficiency,Easy to Use and Compliance. There are various Automated Fingerprint Employee Attendance System such as Fingerprint Reader, Hand Reader, Band Reader or Payroll Expert which are varying according to the number of Employees in the Organization. In fact Automatic Fingerprint Attendance System is an easy Biometric Identification method which deliver us Satisfaction and Comfort in a Complex Environment of Employees.

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Musings Today 14.10.11

Excuse me whilst I digress:

I have been trying for a while now to perfect the art of curling my hair. It wasn’t until I happened upon Veronica's You Tube Video on Curling hair that she featured on her blog Veronica's Blushing, by golly gosh now I think I have got it right, curl away from the face! All this time I have been curling towards my face! Something so simple as the direction you curl makes all the difference!.

Check it, today's attempt only took 5 minutes!

{The house}
Things are taking shape in the Lounge room, here is a sneak peak (can you spy the roadside find?).

{Feeding the family}
I found it was cheaper and more stylish to feed Bella out of cut crystal bowls than purchase a kitch bowl with "Woof" on it. Can you see how impressed she is?
Enjoy your weekend! PS: Don't forget about entering the giveaway.


Swimmers {My 50’s inspired polka dot bikini}

In preparation for our mini break to QLD next week I have been shopping up a storm, I like to purchase a new set of swimmers at the beginning of every summer (you get the pick of all to good stuff if you buy early) although I do agree trying on swimmers requires a lot of guts and determination.

{The Inspiration}
The hotness of Ashley Simpson in a itsy bitsy black polka dot bikini Holidaying in Mexico. (Picture from Famous Magazine) PS: Joe Simpson looks like a bit of a creep here.

{The Purchase}
Here is what I bought, it is from the seafolly La Bella Vita separates range, Very 50s inspired I think!.

{The closet}
I have a Black striped hat purchased from Glassons about 1 month ago (Similar to below). Now all we need to do is hope that the weather is kind enough to let me wear it.

I did also try on a Camilla and Marc 1 peice, I loved it on the hanger and the stripes do go in all the right directions.... but I think these swimmers are probably made for people with small torsos as the bra cups sat around my waist.

Geee I have really been self presenting it up lately! Have you purchased any summer goodies yet?

Have you entered the Black Velvet Chair Giveaway? (Winners will be drawn by

Fingerprint Reader, Biometrics, CCTV, Fire Alarm - Kochi

Fingerprint Reader, Biometrics, CCTV, Fire Alarm - Kochi

Attendance through Fingerprint Identification is considered as one of the safest and most secure methods of Access Control System in the present World. It identifies only live Fingerprints and the copied Fingerprints are get rejected by the System. Fingerprint Access Systems are commonly used in Apartment Building, Office or Factory and the device can be easily applicable on the Door. The Fingerprint Attendance System compares the available Fingerprints with its central database for authentication. In the Same way, Fire Alarms are necessary at homes and commercial buildings. Fire Alarms mostly designed to prevent loss of one's life and property.

Door Fingerprint Attendance Systems, especially for a Company or an Office is doing a vast amount of service since it identifies each and every Employee in person. The late minute or hours of an Employee can be accurately detected by this System. Thus Fingerprint Attendance Device can act as a perfect Employee Attendance System. Fingerprint Attendance Devices are available with different mode of operation, Style, Price, Applications etc. They are available at various sizes according to your requirements. They are Fingerprint Alarms, Fingerprint Scanner, Thumb Punching System, Finger Security Markers, Criminal Fingerprint Devices, Fingerprint Security Cards, Access Card Readers, Proximity Cards, Hid Card Punching System, Finger Tracker, Thumb Fingerprint Scanner, Fingerprint Door Access Device, Fingerprint Security Doors, Fingerprint Door Locks, Security Access Door Locks, Fingerprint Security Barriers and more.

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There are chances of Fire Occurrence in almost every Environment, since most of the people are using lighters, lamps and Fire producing Equipments. To prevent Fire and compete with Fire Occurrences, the Modern world is using a number of Devices such as Fire Control Panels, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detector Device or System, Smoke Scanners, Fire Identification and Detection Device, Fire Panels etc. If you are implementing a Fire Security Panel within your building, you have made a Safety and Security Lock for your life and Accessories.

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The operating system Ubuntu has a very good chance of being a very strong competition for Microsoft.
After using the system myself to play games, listing to music, browse the internet, and even do my homework; I found it to be very easy to use relatively speaking. Although, it took me some time to get used to the different look that I am used to, it was not hard to figure out how to work with it. The activities I did with Ubuntu are the every day activities that a student does on a computer.
Now from a bussiness point of view, I will start explaining the disavantages with Ubuntu.

1- Time consuming. We are very confortable using Windows, even Mac users can identify with Windows and Microsoft software. Loss of productivity is inevitable at the beginning.

2- Hardware & Software Availability. Companies for the most part buy computers in bulk for the firm, the computers come with the Windows operating system. The leaders in computer manufacturing as of right now are Dell and Hewlett-Packard. The production of computers with Ubuntu operating system is very small. Dell does produce this type of computers but HP does not. The cost of buying computers with an operating system other than Windows is higher thatn if the company bought the computer with Windows. That brings me to the next issue.

3- Installation. Given that, most businesses already have a computer, most likely management will not be willing to buy computers if there is no need for it. Ubuntu has the option that anybody can downloaded and install at no particular monetary cost. Based on my experience, installing the system took me about half an hour. If I extrapolate this time to a company that has 200 computers needing to install Ubuntu, it will take 6 hours for the Information Technology department to do this job. In addition, more time will be needed to ensure the computers are running up to speed and that no information has been lost. Even though the system is free, there are labor cost associated with its installation.

Moving to the Advantages, I will concentrate on companies that are currently using Ubuntu.
The first and most important advantage is that there are no license charges, and there is minimal cost associated with Ubuntu. This is very beneficial for a start-up company.

1- Vox Populi (Voice for the people): defines themselves as "a company that focuses on providing affordable, powerful and easy to use appliances for content capture, distribution and broadcasting". Basically, this firm uses software to convert old PCs into professional-grade recording devices for podcasting. According to Chris Dawson, the company runs 99% of its systems using Ubuntu. The only application that is not used with Ubuntu is Quickbooks. Since 2003, when it first started the company has saved over $146,000.

2- The French Police (The Gendermarie Nationale) : In 2005 this institution started to move away from Microsoft based IT infrastructure. Instead of upgrading every year and paying for Windows operating system, they change to Ubuntu saving more than "€2 million per year". The French police has phased out the transition and is scheduled to be completed by 2015 with a total of 90,000 workstations using Ubuntu. The Ubuntu website confrms this information and in addition the website adds that other agencies in France are also migrating to "open source operating systems" One of the most notable changes, occurred in the French National Assembly, which was the first goverment agency to move to Ubuntu.

In conclusion, like any other new policy or technology, people are reluctant to change. Many companies have success stories with Ubuntu and many others prefer the confort that brings to pay for a service and not to worry about any technical problems. I truly believe that Ubuntu should be a technology to look forward in the near future and this is being said from a personal and business point of view.


Happy Blog Birthday {Giveaway}

A year ago today I decided to start this little blog Black Velvet Chair, designed as a self development tool, a little something to scrapbook my design and DIY life whilst entertaining my mind and possibly others. Black Velvet chair has become part of my daily life, reading blogs inspires me continuously and the beautiful friends that have been made far and wide continues to astound me. My very first blog post.

I wanted to buy myself a self present to mark the occasion so I headed over to Kerri’s shop Driftwood Interiors and purchased a print from the “Collected series” for myself, after such positive reaction last Christmas gifting prints to my Mother and Mother In law. True to style with self presents I usually end up purchasing a present equally as brilliant for a friend (I am strange like that). I am super excited to offer one of my bloggy friends this beautiful present:


To be gifted this lovely Pink Floral Watercolor - Bouquet in Flow Blue from Driftwood Interiors you need to be a Black Velvet Chair follower, simply leave a comment letting me know your favourite or most memorable Black Velvet Chair moment or post over the last year. For three additional entries post about Black Velvet chair on your blog then leave three separate comments letting me know.

The lucky winner will be drawn On Monday 31st October 2011.

Goodluck and Thankyou all for your support over the past year!


PS: This is the Feather print "Collected" I purchased as a Self Present.
Feel free to Self Present over at Driftwood Interiors also.


Sarah Richardson’s Summer House {Home Tour}

I am often envious of the homes crafted by interior designers, the envy leads to curiosity of how interior designers live & what their spaces look like. I wondered if Interior designers homes would be the old tale of "The cobbler's children go unshod" or similarly visiting our cousin last week whom owns a vinyl flooring company only to find he has been too busy to work on his own kitchen vinyl.

One of my (& mums) favorite Interior designers is Sarah Richardson, do you get stuck watching her show “Sarahs house and Sarah 101” for hours and hours like I do? budget friendly DIY anyone?.  I was Thrilled to find that HGTV has featured Sarah’s summer house on their website, just what I need to get me in the mood for summer & our mini break to QLD next week.  

 Sarah handmade the birch lamp beside the bed above

Great mix of colour, I want it all! 

Venetian mirror in a bathroom with Carrera marble anyone? Yes please! 

Cocktails ad lazing on the deck? 

Ruby perfection with white washed walls! 

The light blue chairs are called "Bankers chairs"