Gecko Press

Based on the presentation given by the Consultants hired by Gecko Press, I believe 100% that Gecko Press would benefit enormously if it implements our suggestion to establish a strong presence on the social networking site Facebook.
It is common knowledge to have to invest a substantial amount of money in order for the company to go viral.
Now, lets calculate that Gecko Press will have to hire at least 3 people to weed out all the profanity and obscene content posted online. For this job, the company can hire high school students and pay them an hourly rate of $15.00. These students can work approximately 18 hrs per week each. The total cost of that will be $810.00 per week, which will yield an annual labor cost of $14,040.

I agree with my group suggestion of having "The Game" outsource to a company such as Zynga. Which is the company that has successfully developed and maintained all the games available on Facebook. According to analyst Wanda Meloni from the Gamepro website, developing such a game costs approximately " $30 - $300 thousand on a six month development cycle". Being that The Game would be supported mainly on Facebook, it brings costs down. If The Game were to become also a phone application, the cost can range from $5 thousand to $20 thousand dollars; and the amount of time needed to develop it would be about four months.
I personally do not agree with the charity campaing. Given that Gecko Press is a small company trying to survive in the decaying publishing industry, contributing to a charity is not the best option at this point in time. If the charity campaing takes off really well and goes viral, such as the Coca-Cola campaign or even Facebook's own campaing "I Like it on...", which focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, that would put Gecko Press in a tough financial position. Since it will need to start taken out money that the company needs.
In conclusion, my personal recommendations to the Gecko Press company is that it is more cost effective to hire individuals that can develop and manage The Game. I advise the company to not go into the charity campaign, at least until The Game has produced enough ROI to cover all expenses and have a substantial amount of profits.