Musings Today 14.10.11

Excuse me whilst I digress:

I have been trying for a while now to perfect the art of curling my hair. It wasn’t until I happened upon Veronica's You Tube Video on Curling hair that she featured on her blog Veronica's Blushing, by golly gosh now I think I have got it right, curl away from the face! All this time I have been curling towards my face! Something so simple as the direction you curl makes all the difference!.

Check it, today's attempt only took 5 minutes!

{The house}
Things are taking shape in the Lounge room, here is a sneak peak (can you spy the roadside find?).

{Feeding the family}
I found it was cheaper and more stylish to feed Bella out of cut crystal bowls than purchase a kitch bowl with "Woof" on it. Can you see how impressed she is?
Enjoy your weekend! PS: Don't forget about entering the giveaway.