Security Access

There is only one foolproof way to protect your networked computer systems against electronic snooping, hackers, unauthorized access, stolen passwords, denial-of-service attacks and other security breaches ... unplug them. 

That clearly isn’t a practical solution. As a matter of fact, companies are trying to have  much more electronic interaction with customer. With this another problem is created, and that is how much access should a company give to employees and even to customers. Many companies focus on implementing policies and practices; however, this does not always work. 
Companies implement policies such as "do not write down your password". Many people would not remember what the password is and if one things that network security is keeping them from doing their job, then the person will find other ways to get around. If at any given time the manager or supervisor walks around the office, there will be a substantial amount of employee keeping a written copy of their network password hidden underneath their keyboard. This is  good example that shows that employees for the most part do not follow the policies.

The following link contains a video that indicates how employees can steal information using an MP3 player:

Taking the above information into consideration, I recommend that Applegate Farm follow this basic steps to limit the access their personnel and outsiders have to their information:

1- Have employees change their passwords every 60 days.
2- Hired 2-3 employees to mange the security access points.
3- Invest in firewalls, and anti-virus software.
4- Reduced employee access from 24/7 to the period of time that the employees is at work. If for example, an employee has a marvelous idea outside the working hour, that he/she believes will  benefit the company,
encourage the employee to write it in an e-mail.

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