Security Presentation

The team did a fantastic job during the presentation; their ideas went right to the point of the direction that Applegate Farms should follow. With the only idea I disagree is with the cameras.

 The implementation of Micros as a Point of Sales System would give the ice cream stores a lift in terms of  speed and also it will take the company towards more accuracy. And eventually, using a modern system can also lead to a bigger bottom line. The computer system will eliminate the time that each server has to take to make sure they are giving back the right change. In addition, each server will be able to serve more customers faster and this adds up to customers being happy due to the efficiency and the service.

Lastly, the company has rely for most of its existence on word of mouth. Now in the 21st century, there is  technology available to expand that word of mouth referral. In this case, I am referring to social media. I am an advocate of business using a small variety of social media to attract customers & retain customer as well; especially the new generation of young adults. Applegate Farms will benefit substantially by implementing the suggestions outline during the presentation.