TCO Presentation

I was looking forward to this presentation since my group was the first one to present. I was somewhat disappointed with the material presented. I feel that the group needed to develop a little bit more on the hardware cost. As Dr. Peterson pointed out the presentation was short and sweet and it left me asking for more detail on the costs.

A classmate argued that the current hardware that MSU has might not be compatible with the Ubuntu Operating System. The group explained that hardware costs will decrease, I disagree with the group on this aspect. After reading several reviews about Ubuntu users and how they get around with the hardware issue, I expect the University to have major issues in computer labs and also in the various departments throughout campus.

Analyzing the Consultant's presentation, I think it would have been a good idea to present more examples of other institutions that are using Ubuntu successfully. Some examples are: Minnesota Public School System, Michigan Area Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools. More examples can be found on the Ubuntu website:

The C-Level personnel did an outstanding job. The whole group was extremely prepared with questions, they had analyzed the costs of implementing Ubuntu to MSU as oppose to continue with the current operating system. Danica, did a phenomenal job with the questions she asked and the extended analysis she did for this case.

As a final note, based on the presentation and the Q & A Session  as well as on my own knowledge and research, I believe MSU will not benefit at this moment from implementing Ubuntu. Perhaps, the university can opt to randomly select a few computers to have the operating system. This will allow students to choose which computers they want to use and it will give the University administrators a random sample of the acceptance of Ubuntu into the MSU community.