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$1 Holiday season decor {DIY}

As you might have seen from my thrifted weekend haul I scored a little reindeer and a natural twig wreath, they were $1 a pop! Yes that is less than I pay for a coffee.

With a little paint I have transformed the dining room buffet for the Holiday season, even better the reindeer painter {my niece} accepted payment in home made chocolate cupcakes!.

Remember he was a gaudy shade of Christmas gold before

Also I tied some ribbon to the wreath with a little bow and hung it over the top of the mirror (Fixing to the wire at the back of the mirror).  

$2 well spent?

The Thrift stores seam to have allot of Christmas decorations out, I am sure there will be even more in store next week as this weekend I envisage people turfing unwanted Christmas decor from last year (isn't it funny how much your taste can change in a year).

Marcus Design Inc {Before and After}

Nothing makes me happier than finding a fabulous new blog with Before and Afters galore! My days have been very busy lately {always the way leading up to the holidays, why?} so it helps when I get a second to check out an amazing transformation, These pics are too good not too share!

{The Dining Room}

{The Bedroom}

 {The Lounge}

 You know I am loving those chairs, the cream sister to my Black Velvet ones!

{The Kitchen}

Via: Marcusdesigninc

Pink cockatoo on a plate {Weekend Thrifting}

How fun is this Pink Cockatoo plate I found at a local thrift store, I think it looks pretty neat hanging in the entryway to our apartment (Takes a little focus of the intercom system).

 It seams very Black & Spiro inspired

The Thrifted haul!

You find some amazing things when you are not looking for anything in particular.

Did you manage to do any thrifting over the weekend?

Snap for Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 
Just like the ones I used to know 
Where the treetops glisten, 
and children listen 
To hear sleigh bells in the snow ‘ 
(by Irvin Berlin , ‘White Christmas’)

No need to dream.  This morning I woke up to a porch full of snow and it means Christmas is coming!  This year I am going to make sure my place looks like a Christmas wonderland.  Well, not quiet, but as most of us I would love to brighten up the gloomy gray days with some Christmas magic.  Wouldn’t you?

How am I going to decorate this year?  A Christmas tree … yes a must have, miniature Santa Claus… well I will leave it for families with children’s, Christmas lights….. yes to the magic, a wallpaper ………… interesting thought.  Not traditional wallpaper, too much work to remove after Christmas. How about Snap?  Perfect!

Our Snap wall art comes in a variety of styles to suit any taste and home decor.  I am definitely going to use Snap to help creating a festive environment.  The best part about this innovative product is they are self-adhesive, repositionable and guaranteed removable.  So if you decide to remove them after Christmas, no problem. 
Is there somebody on your list who just moved in and don’t quite know how to spice up their plain walls?  Snap could also serve as inexpensive but exciting gift.

Have a look at a few Christmas decorating ideas we created.  Lets spread the cheer ! 

Merry Christmas to YOU

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Grey + Pink + Cream {Home Tour}

I have not shared a Home tour for a while, seeing as I have not been able to get these stunning images out of my head I thought I would make sure these images are firmly planted in yours also. Via:Made by Girl.

Da business centre (cupboards along the wall look great and functional)
A little confused Is this room a bar, kitchen or lounge? Love the black walls anyways!
The painting in the dining room is dreamy! Grey pink and cream!

"Hello you" more paintings in the master bedroom similar to the dining room.

Kitchen pendants "Yes"!

Okay maybe I am a little confused with the arrangement of four chairs in this room.