Cloud Computing

Much is being said about the benefits of cloud computing. It is usually the case that with any new technology that comes out the benefits seem to be the solution to all of our problems. One of the video points out that the advantages of cloud computing are:

1- Scalability

2- Instant

3- Save Money

All of this is extremely beneficial to any company. In contrast, there are limitations that come with this disruptive technology; such as who controls the data that firms will put into the cloud? What are the odds of being hacked? And what happens if the server crashes?

Dependence on a third party to handle the security and confidentiality of data and information. The best example of this is Sony's PlayStation 3 network crash back in April 2011. Many user data and personal information such as name and addresses was lost. Moreover, the network had to be shutdown. The outcome of this infiltration that Sony experienced was a general worry among all its users. In addition, current customers lost trust in the company.

In conclusion, cloud computing has advantages that cannot be compared to any other technology that we currently have. However; the risk of being hacked exceeds the advantages that cloud computing offers.