Outsourcing Case Presentation

The group was well prepared; they answered all the questions that were posted in the case. All the information was conveyed in a very professional manner, especially since the consultants graded some of our actions with a C grade. I disagree with this grading, because in my point of view our relationship with customers and employees has been smooth. Although, there is room for improvement, after the presentation I was under the impression that the consultants did not give us a clear idea of how we can make our relationship with employees much better.
            Consultants failed to acknowledge that we had been doing laid offs since 2003. No one in the group was able to give a better suggestion on how we can smooth the process of laid offs, and employee morale. During the questions and answer session, it was suggested that we train employees to help them move up the value chain and it was also suggested that we collaborate with our partners as oppose to having our managers go to the outsourcing country and managing some of the functions over sea.
            Another point of interest, was the fact that as we send people to collaborate with our Indian partners, who will do the job of that person at home? The answer to this was that we cross train our employees for them to be able to do the job of the person that is absent. In regards to this suggestion, I think it is a more viable course of action if we implement temporary promotions. This will virtually eliminate any loss of productivity, because the person that will travel to another country will be temporary promoted, the person doing the job that was left open will have done this job before and will know how to adjust and execute the job as expected. For example where I work, the Assistant Manager was promoted to Manager of another office, one of the Supervisors became Assistant Manager and one of the regular employees became Supervisor. And all of this is a temporary promotion, after one hundred and twenty days each person goes back to their original position. Something similar to this was suggested during the presentation. In my opinion, this is an almost perfect solution for any company to cultivate the talent of its employees. In addition, when the time comes to fill a position left vacant, there is no need to train or to hire a new employee.