Christmas Bingo

As a mom of two little boys, I enjoy coming up with new and fun ways to interact with them. Especially around the holidays! I want Christmas to feel just as special to them as it always has to me. And that means finding lots of things to do together as a family!

Today I would love to share a Christmas Bingo
game that includes some free printables for you so you can play at home, too!

Let's get started on the tutorial...
I printed my bingo cards on fabric because I thought, over the years as we play, it would hold up pretty well. But of course you can print these bingo sheets on cardstock if you so choose. 

To run fabric through your printer, you need 2 things:
fabric and freezer paper

1. Cut your freezer paper into 8.5x11" sheets.

2. Also cut your fabric into 8.5x11" sheets. I'm using unbleached muslin. 

3. Line up your fabric with the shiny side of the freezer paper.

4. Iron the two pieces together. 

5. The shiny side of the freezer paper with fuse to the fabric.

6. Feed your freezer paper/fabric into your printer. You shouldn't have to tell your printer any special commands to print on fabric, but you may want to change the print quality to high for the best results.
(The free Christmas bingo printables can be found for download at the end of this post.)

7. Out should come your printed fabric!

Now that you have printed your bingo cards on the fabric we want to thicken them up...

8. Peel your fabric off of the freezer paper.

9. Take some fusible webbing and attach the sticky side to the back of your bingo sheets.

10. Trim some felt (or similar backing) to 8.5x11" and iron the fusible webbing-backed fabric on top of the felt. The webbing will fuse the two pieces of material together.

11. Cut out you bingo cards.

The fabric bingo cards can now easily be handled by little hands and aren't too floppy with the extra weight of the felt behind them. 

I also have a sheet of bingo images to use to play the game. 
Print and cut out.

We need little tokens to put on our bingo sheets so I cut up little squares of felt.

To keep up with the felt tokens, I dressed up an old baby food jar with scrapbook paper, scrap muslin, and ric-rac to store them in. The bingo image cards are small enough to store in there, too!

Though I only printed 4 bingo cards (we're only a family of four!), there are 8 total available for download. I promise they are all different! The star is always in the center though and can be used as a free space if you so choose. 

The 4 bingo sheets and images cards can be downloaded via 
the following links in Google Documents.

Play the game as you would any bingo game. 
First one to 5 in a row (horizontal or vertical) or diagonal wins.

It will be a fun matching game for the little ones as well!

This post was originally shared as part of the 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful at Design Dazzle!