Fabulous Upholstered Beds

We don't remember the last time we bought a bedroom set, you know, the kinds that have matching bed and nightstand and dresser?  Maybe it was 1982?  When we look at our pictures for those years we just cringe.  Remember the big hair and the shoulder pads?

We feel the same way about matching bedroom set now.

Thank God for 2011, because the trend is much fresher and lighter.  We especially love the upholstered beds.  They offer so many possibilities.  You can pick the fabric, the trims, add nailheads or not, tuft it or untufted.  And when you get bored with in it a few years, you can just have it reupholstered.  They are also much more comfortable to lean against too.

We just add some fabulous upholstered beds to our store and we hope you'll check it out. Here are some samples:

These can be found in our upholstered beds section.