Microsoft Project Management

Project Management can be literally be used by any company. Companies that are looking to expand or to improve their process would benefit the most from Project Management. The Microsoft website has a list of some of the companies that have successfully used the Project Management software, and after implementing the proposed solution the firm has achieved its goal.

As an example, I will take the same company that produced the software. As explained in the case study "Microsoft IT wanted to consolidate project planning tools, simplify processes, save time, improve data tracking, and cut costs". The IT segment of the company put into practice Microsoft Project Server 2010 with the help of Microsoft consultants. The company reached its goal in cost reduction and can track budget and benefits much more effectively

Another example taken from the same source is Santander Consumer USA. This financial institution can be consider relatively small in the United States. Nonetheless, it is a company with branches across the globe. The organization was looking to analyze its business and forecast its costs and resources more accurately. By using the Microsoft Software for Project Management, they were able to accomplish their goals within 45 days. In my opinion, it helped that the software is very user friendly and that was probably one of the reasons it was completed so fast.

The information above describes how Microsoft Project Management can impact the resources of a business in an very positive way. However, the software can impact resources in a negative aspect. If people are not willing to learn and adapt to project management, the company will increase their costs. It will have to pay more money for the employees to be trained. In addition, with the new solutions provided my the project management, some people will not follow the correct procedures. In consequence, someone else will have to be paid in order to obtain the desired result.
As of right now, I do not see any additional features or functions that Microsoft Project Management is lacking in order to be a more valuable tool.