Stately Furniture & Décor

The last group to present for this semester did a fantastic job while presenting and answering questions from the C-Level. Also, the members of the C-Level had questions that helped all of us better understand the concept that was presented. As a result, not many questions were asked when the forum was opened to all members of the audience.
The challenges that Stately is facing are: duplicate paperwork, responsibilities among departments and managers are not clearly outline, the company relies heavily on paperwork, huge flaws in the production process, quality control difficulties and allowing customers to place new orders without having paid for their previous purchase.
The Consultants suggested the company to use the ERP System SAP; the system without a doubt will benefit the company enormously. This final group did an outstanding explanation of how the system will work to satisfy the specific challenges that the company is currently facing. It was an excellent suggestion to stop doing hand drawn blueprints and instead have the online product configuration. This will account for 98% of the parts that the company is using at the moment.
Another great solution was the use of Ipads to the people in the field. And even better is the control that management will have when it comes to security. The security measure I like the most is “data fading” from the device, this feature will wipe information after a certain amount of time. The user authentication, remote lock & wipe and administrator only access to change the policies.
 Customer satisfaction and will be achieved by implementing the solutions given above. Another important point is the ROI & Cost. In this aspect, the group did not fulfill my expectations. I think for such a big project to undertake it would be better to have a closer look at the cost and how fast Stately Furniture & Décor will see the results of this investment.
As a final note, the consultants were able to explain the technical and difficult concepts of the ERP System in a way that everybody understood. Overall, they were very informative and had extraordinary communication skills. For example, Chris used a very good illustration of the care one would give to a luxury car when he was referring to a question about a system administrator. Also Stephanie used the Domino’s Pizza model of how one can order pizza online, she use this example to show how the SAP system would be very user friendly. Kevin linked specific concerns from the C-Level to the solutions the group had presented.