Craft Your Stash | February 2012 Challenge

I hope you're participating in the new Craft Your Stash challenge here 
at The Scrap Shoppe! 

If you're just finding out about it, you can read more information about how it started
 and how its works here

How is your January challenge of organizing your craft space going?
I'm happy to report that my space is [ ] close to being finished! I almost hate to clutter it up with February's challenge. But, February's challenge is going to be one I think you will like!

It was fairly unanimous between all of my girlfriends what our next challenge should entail. 

Complete an Unfinished Project!

I don't know about you, but in my organizational frenzy I uncovered an unsightly number of projects that were just a hairs breath from being complete. 

Now is the time to get those done!
Whether its one or ten projects, get them finished and out of your craft space.

February's CYS photos are due by March 3rd. 
Features will be March 6th.

Link up your photos to the Craft Your Stash Flickr group!

For January's challenge, we want to see your before & after photos!
(Before photos if possible. If you only have After photos, you can still participate!)

As you complete February's challenge, add them to Flickr!

January's photos are due by this Saturday (February 4th).
Features will be next Tuesday!

Who thinks they can finish the most projects in February??