Fabric Storage for $1.50!

 I am self-confessed fabric hoarder. 

I do limit myself to remnants, but my obsession has seriously gotten out of hand. So much so that one of my goals for 2012 is to NOT buy any fabric. At all! 

In the meantime, I needed to find a good way to store/display my stash. 
Over Christmas break I decided it was time to tackle this problem. 

And I found a way to do it for $1.50! 
 1. I found a large moving box at Walmart for $1.50.

2. Cut down one of the seams (very carefully!) with a box cutter so that...

3. ...you can open the box out flat!
 4. Decide what size is suitable for you to cut the box down in to and mark it with a ruler and pencil. 
Mine are 6"x7" to fit in my shelving.

5. Carefully cut along the lines you drew with a box cutter.

6. You should now have a fairly large stack of cardboard!
I had roughly 65 pieces.
Any smaller pieces of cardboard left over can be used for smaller scraps.

 The good thing about remnant fabric is that it already arrives home all wrapped up.

But when it gets used, it needs to find a good home. 

Enter my new cardboard pieces!

I took all my used fabric that had been stashed away in bags until it could be properly stored and started wrapping it around the cardboard. I used straight pins to make sure the ends would not come unfurled. 

Its neat. Its tidy. Its cheap!

How do you store your fabric? 
I would love to hear your ideas!