Handmade Gifts from Christmas 2011

I was mad rushing to get some handmade gifts finished for Christmas and never got a chance to share them with you all. Not to mention that some of my recipients read the blog, and I didn't want them to know ahead of time what they were getting! 

A lot of my handmade gifts were inspired by Pinterest. This thumbprint tree was no exception! This original pin was meant to act as a wedding guestbook, but I thought it would a lot of fun as a family tree! All the parents, kids, and grandkids can add their thumbprints. And, of course, there is always room for the family to grow! 

These plaques for the grandmothers were a huge hit! 
It was my first time making this kind of signage, and I think I might be hooked! 
Its was a lot of fun to create!
Sources are here and here.

This may be my absolute FAVORITE project, but it took a LOT of work. This video made the process look very simple. Its not! It took about 3 attempts to finally get the hang of what I was doing. But the end result is AWESOME! BIG hit the the family, too!

The hubs *loved* his new daddy shirt! 
So much so that he immediately put it on when he opened it. :)

Inspired by this pin, I made it my own by adding the old truck, but my favorite part is the est. 2008. LOVE that! I also made one for my brother-in-law who became a dad in 2011. 

I love my little nephew to pieces! He's about 5 weeks older than my littlest guy. Inspired by this pin, I made him this fun shirt to remind who he has the most fun with. ;) It was my first time cutting fabric with my Silhouette... Its definitely a learning curve!

Do you know those photo books you can get from Walmart (or any other photo store for that matter)? Well I made an album full of my boys' first year together to give to the grandparents and decided the outside of the book was way too boring for my taste. A little more fabric cut with my Silhouette and ironed on dressed them up nicely!

So, completely unlike me, no tutorials today! 
Eventually I will share how I went about some of these projects, but they will be scattered over the next few months. I have way too many other fun things to share with you in the meantime! :)

Stay tuned!