Modern Home Decorating Ideas

* Modern interior decorating is all about clean lines, strong geometrical shapes. Hence, select furniture and light fixtures which reflect a modern design.
* Whites are popular in modern home interior painting. However, if you don't want to go absolute white, then mix two colored themes. You can paint one wall in bright color and other white, or paint half of the walls white and the bottom half of the wall into a bright color like aqua, yellow, dark blue, etc. Make sure you select understand the room color and their meaning, to pick appropriate color for individual rooms.
* Though, modern home decor has bold geometrical shapes, avoid too many hard edgy furniture pieces too. Make your home comfortable by picking up large over sized comfortable sofas and chairs.
* You can also keep your gadgets open so that the silver color or black color of the gadgets, like TV and home theater without any covers, so that they help to add to the modern home decor.
* Last and the least is to add few accents that help to soften the modern look of strong shapes. Add few accents like some houseplants, wooden artwork, a potpourri, a flower vase, etc. This will make your home look more cheerful and beautiful.