Pinterest Feature Friday - PFF #16

We're super excited to have our very first guest post for Pinterest Feature Friday! 
It is something new we're trying once a month.
And we have the perfect person to share with you today! I think she's nearly as addicted to Pinterest as we are!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes -

And my Pinterest Boards are here - Pinterest is definitely one of my favorite new ways to get inspiration, pass the time, and avoid doing things I'm actually supposed to be doing.

I'm so excited to be here as a guest post today as part of Pinterest Feature Friday! I enjoy seeing the features that Michele, Tammy and Malia do - I feel like I find something new every week!

This week is no exception! I found so many great pins in the boards of this week's Feature!

I'd like to introduce you to Macey from Olivia Renn!


Macey has 23 Boards and 891 Pins! Lots of inspiration there!

Here are a few of her boards that caught my eye!

She has a great board for Gifts - lots of ideas for things to make and cute wrapping too!

Lots of tempting recipes on her Yumm Board!

She also has a great Photography board with tips and ideas for cute family photos!

She has some great pins too of course!!

Source: via Macey on Pinterest

This Scalloped Felt Wreath is Adorable!Pinned Image
Source: via Macey on Pinterest

How clever is this necktie turned wristlet?!
Pinned Image
 Source: via Macey on Pinterest

These Strawberry Cupcakes look perfect for Valentine's Day!!Pinned Image
Source: via Macey on Pinterest

Lots of Inspiration right?? Make sure you pop over and start following Macey's boards to keep up with all the great ideas she finds!

Macey, make sure you grab the Featured Button!

If you haven't linked up to the Pinterest Master List - head right over! It's a great source of Pinterest inspiration!

Michele, Tammy,or Malia will feature someone from the party each Friday!

Thanks girls for having me guest post!! It was such a blast to find all these great pins!