RFID Card Reader for Attendance Access Control and Boom Barriers in Kerala | PRLog

RFID Card Reader for Attendance Access Control and Boom Barriers in Kerala | PRLog

If you are running a Factory maintaining the Records of Employees is a tedious task. You Can 't Keep the performance level of an Employee day by day while maintaining all the Business deals with your clients. But the Axkon Employee Management System and the Attendance Access Control Reader keep you up with an on line data Management Software for each and every operation of an Employee or a Student with in your Institution. RFID Card Reader Attendance Management is an excellent Solution for Data Storage and Employee Data Management with a Regular tracking Pattern.

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Boom Barrier or a Turnstile Security Barrier is an efficient Security at Entry and Exit Points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking lots, Toll tax plazas or any road-way entry where medium to heavy Traffic is expected. RFID Card Reader Gates can be used as Boom Barriers for Automatic Security Gates for Protection from unauthorized entry inside a Complex or an Apartment Building. Flap Barriers are Excellent Security Entrance System used by many IT Companies and Information Technology Parks for the trusted Security over their Secret File and Data Security System.

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Crash Resistant Steel Boom Barriers are used for Large Crowd Management System over a Stadium or a Ground to Control the UN wanted entry of Visitors to the Ground or Restricted Areas. Automatic Access Control with an RFID Card Reader for a Attendance Access Control machine or a Boom Barrier is an efficient Automatic Detection and Identification Method for Security and Surveillance System.

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