Social Saturday - 8 Goals for 2012

Every Saturday I like to get a little personal with my readers and share what's going on in my world, my head, and/or my heart! I hope you'll play along with me as I share a little about myself each week! 


There are some things I want to accomplish in 2012; some goals I want to meet. 

I feel if I write them out, then maybe I will hold myself accountable to them! 

1. I want to eat more fruit. Not just for me, but for my boys as well. I want to set a good example. I'm not a big banana eater (strings! ugh!) or orange eater (strings! ugh!), but I want to start eating them. I love apples, pears, grapes, and kiwis. I need to add them to my diet more.

(By the by, what do you think about my tangerine storage above? Cute, right??? Its an old drawer I purchased from Wuslu!)

2. I, for reals, need to get my exercise on. My new frenemy Jillian is going to help me. I may hate her for months, but I'm sure I will learn to love her one day. I just started her 30 Day Shred this last week. 

I hate her.

But as a super busy working mommy, and I need something that I can do at home and doesn't take an hour to get through!

3. I need to date my husband. We've literally gone one ~2-3 dates/year since our family has grown from just the two of us. I've challenged my husband to date me at least once per month. "Santa" dropped some hints in his stocking with these adorable date night gift card envelopes I downloaded and printed from my friend Bev. My other challenge to him was that after these gift cards were used, he had to refill the envelopes and give them back to me. :)

4. I want to more of a "yes" mom. NOT an "I'm too busy doing housework/blogging" mom. 

Who could say no to these adorable faces anyway?

5. I want to go to a blogger conference! I want to experience what its like to be in a room crammed FULL of like-minded crafty peeps like myself. I love getting together with my local TN bloggers, and I'm ready to put that on a bigger scale! 

You may or may not have noticed the little button I added at the bottom of my sidebar, BUT... 
I am going to the SNAP! Conference in April! I am beside myself giddy with excitement. I've been saving my Etsy money and have already purchased my conference ticket and hotel room. *squeal!*

6. No.More.Fabric. I don't even sew (yet), but I have amassed a surprisingly large supply of remnant fabric. I didn't even realize how much until I recently started organizing it (more on that on Monday). I'm challenging myself to not buy any fabric in 2012. Its going to be so hard! But I think I can do it.

7. This sewing machine must come out of the box this year! I asked for a very simple sewing machine for Christmas of 2010, and I was lucky enough to get one. Learning a new hobby is a little daunting right now. But I'm determined to learn to thread the thing! I have a very simple first project lined up. 


8. I need to take more time for me. My husband is good about taking the boys somewhere for a couple of hours on the weekend to give me some time to myself, but I'm always spending that time on laundry, blogging, crafting for the blog, organizing toys... you get the idea. I need to sit down. Read more books. Drink some chai tea. Soak in the tub.

I'm off to a good start though. I treated myself to a pedicure last weekend! I haven't had one since, oh I don't know, last March before my newest little man was born!

So what are your goals for the year?
Any similar to mine?
Let's hold each other accountable! :)