Well, finally. The office reveal!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (OK, it was middle America) there was a beautiful (it’s my story, OK?!) blogger named Thrifty.

Thrifty decided it would be fun to redecorate her office. She thought she would slap some paint up on the wall, move some furniture around, and it would be done! A new office, easy peasy.

It only took a few months. And she lived happily ever after. The end.

If only. :)

Instead, I think it took two years? Almost. No, about 18 months. Whatever, it was a long. dang. time.

It seems like it was stuck at half way for about a year:

The only good part about it taking so long? (Besides the fact that I have an office that I LOVE) is that we got some new floors installed along the way, so now the room is just completely new. The floors are the perfect finishing touch.



For this post, I’m not going to talk much. Cause I’m just tired people. 

I’ll do a follow up post this week with all the details and a recap of how it all came together. For now, here’s allllll the afters. Sorry, I went a little overboard. I figure with an 18 month wait it’s allowed. :)

I am pretty sure this is the most dramatic room redo I’ve ever done. You can decide for yourself at the bottom – I’ll share before and afters next to each other.

Here’s a little tour around the room. Bear with me peeps, I’m a little in love…

IMG_9641 IMG_9681

corner windows

     gallery wall white frames

Because of the light, the wall color looks a bit different in some of the pics. That one above is pretty true to the color.

You may notice I was able to get rid of the typical, bulky office-type stuff by putting it all in the hubby’s basement office. (I know, I’m mean.) The printer, modem, file cabinets -- all that stuff is outta here.

And we got rid of our old monster computer, so the only things I have up here are a few crafty items, a few office supplies and some filing.

It rocks. :)

Here’s a few more shots of the details:

diy memo boardblue waverly fabric drapes

farmhouse table desk diy pendant light

This room has morphed into a crafty space for the Bub as well, and I’ve tried to figure out cute ways to keep that all corralled.

The little table in the room was my sister-in-laws when she was little and I made it over for this room. It was supposed to be for coloring and crafting, but it’s also used for LOTS of Lego building:


I could squish him. ;)

I can’t wait to share more about the room this week! For now I’ll end with some before and afters, my VERY favorite part!!

I can hardly believe it’s the same room, can you?:

  aqua, tan and blue room 

Pretty dramatic, yes? I am seriously in love with this space. Dare I say, it was definitely worth the wait!

I’ll fill you in on sources, layout, how-to’s, colors and pricing this week. If you have any questions about anything specific, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for your patience with this redo! I do (pretty much everything) by myself, and this one was WAY more labor intensive then I ever imagined. It was a labor of love though – I am SO THRILLED!

OK, I’m done. For now. :)