Dress Up a Frame with Paint!

Back in late January I shared this fun lovey dovey quote printable from The Princess Bride. 
What I didn't share with you was the details of the frame it was in! 

I love the detail work on this frame I found at Joann's, but it just didn't stand out which, quite frankly, made it all a little dull. So I decided to spruce it up with a little paint!

1. I used a goldish-yellow acrylic paint and brushed it on generously in small areas at a time. Be sure to stipple down into all the nooks and crannies!

2. Then I began wiping the paint off with a paper towel. See how the paint is bringing out the details?

3. Finally, wipe down the frame with a barely damp paper towel to remove any excess paint from the surface of the frame.

And done!
A fun new frame for little expense in almost no time at all.
Not to mention the custom color to match my living room.

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